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New NC State Group Program Proposals

In order to maintain a healthy portfolio of programs that meet the changing and unique needs of each academic unit, the Study Abroad Office welcomes strategic program proposals that meet student needs, as well as both Study Abroad and University strategic goals.

Study Abroad programs are developed in collaboration with the Study Abroad Office at least 18 months prior to the start of the program

Strategies for a successful program proposal:

  • Submit program development interest form (see right) and meet with the Study Abroad Office at least 18 months prior to the start of the program
    • Discuss program and incorporate feedback from the study abroad program coordinator, associate director, department head, and college liaisons to discuss the proposal (the Study Abroad Office will help to coordinate a joint meeting)
    • Submit a complete program proposal application by the deadline
    • Actively engage in the program budget process utilizing complete, accurate estimates from the vendor(s)
  • Program proposals must receive department head approval
    • Department heads must express confidence that the faculty member has the necessary experience, competence, and time to  run the proposed program
  • Program proposals should contribute to the diversity of international opportunities for NC State students, including a diversity of academic disciplines and locations.
    • Strong new program proposals complement, rather than competes with existing NC State programs
  • Program directors must analyze risks involved and associated with the program and its location and outline ways to mitigate the risk (strategic questions to mitigate programmatic risks are included as a part of the program proposal questionnaire)
    • See NC State Study Abroad Restricted Travel policy
    • Program directors typically have strong ties to and familiarity with the program site, including an appropriate level of language proficiency or identified effective communication strategy
  • Program proposals are designed to provide a strategic, rigorous academic experience which is enhanced and enriched by the host location
    • Courses offered are complementary to other coursework available on campus and/or courses fulfill degree requirements (major, minor, or general education program)
    • Courses must align with the NC State Courses/Contact Hour Guidelines
    • Courses to be offered must be supported by the relevant department head(s) and fits with departmental/college goals and priorities
    • Coursework is associated with location or host university’s strengths; program ties location to coursework
  • Program includes structured opportunities to interact with individuals or groups in the host culture, including advance preparation, guided reflection and critical analysis of that interaction (e.g., direct interaction with local students or others from the host country; strong connections between courses and in-country activities; volunteer opportunities, job shadowing, fieldwork, or research to enhance knowledge of the host culture)
  • Program proposals should be sustainable and intended to be offered annually or bi-annually for a period of years
    • The program budget is self-supporting with a competitive program cost in line with costs on other programs in the same region and/or through the same academic discipline
    • The program model must be designed in a way that is a sustainable use of time for both the faculty/staff involved and the Study Abroad Office

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