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Exchange students love to travel while they are here. While Raleigh is a medium-sized city, methods of travel may not be similar to those found in other cities abroad.

Wolfline Bus System

Get around campus on the Wolfline, which runs continuously on days that classes are in session. You can also track the buses online so you don’t have to wait outside in bad weather.

GoRaleigh and GoTriangle Buses

The GoRaleigh bus routes will take you all over Raleigh. Routes include Crabtree Valley Mall, NC Museum of Art, and downtown Raleigh. You can also travel to Durham and Chapel Hill on the GoTriangle.

All bus service fares are currently suspended through June 30th 2023, which means it’s free for you to ride these buses!

Uber, Lyft and Taxis

Uber and Lyft are popular ride sharing apps used by many students. They are similar to taxis and the cost can be split among users. Taxis may also be used and are relatively inexpensive if traveling with a group.

Outside of Raleigh

There are many ways to get around Raleigh and see more of the U.S. while traveling on weekends and holidays.

Renting a car for a weekend or holiday trip can be an affordable option if you are traveling with a few friends.  Some rental agencies in the U.S. will not rent to drivers under 21 years of age and many will not rent to drivers under 25. Others may charge a supplemental fee for drivers under 25.  Agencies will normally require a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) as a security deposit.

Air travel within the U.S. is widely available and RDU Airport is a short ride from campus.  Student fares (Student Universe) are often available and there are “last minute” discounts offered by some airlines.

Megabus is an affordable option to travel to some US cities like D.C. and Atlanta. The closest station is in Durham.

The train can be another affordable option for travel in the U.S. The Amtrak train station in Raleigh is located at 320 W. Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh