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Meal Plans & Dining

Exchange students living on campus usually purchase an on-campus meal plan for convenience. There are three all-you-can-eat dining halls on campus and several food courts. In addition, there are smaller convenience stores and cafes where you can pick up a quick snack or coffee.

Note: Students assigned to live in University Towers are required to purchase the meal plan provided in the building.

Local Dining and Grocery

There are many places for dining near campus – from coffee shops and fast food to sit down restaurants. Many places offer lunch and student specials as well.

  • Hillsborough Street: adjacent to campus
  • Cameron Village and Western Boulevard: walking distance from campus
  • Mission Valley: short drive from campus

Students living off campus may prefer to shop for groceries and snacks. Some local grocery stores include Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and The Fresh Market. If you are looking for international food products, there is Grand Asia Market and International Foods – these are further from campus.