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Alert Traveler App

AlertTraveler is a risk management mobile application that provides country and city intelligence, safety and security alerts, and allows NC State Study Abroad to request and receive instant check-ins with students in the event of an incident. All students studying abroad or registered with the International Travel Gateway are required to download and utilize the application (with GPS location enabled) for the duration of the program. It is also required for all study abroad program personnel.


1. Download AlertTraveler available through the App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Log into program application at Click the link to activate AlertTraveler in the “Alert Traveler Outgoing Material.” Here is a screenshot of what it should look like: 

3. Enter your phone number and make sure “Notify me by SMS if impacted by alerts.” Click the red button if you are new to AlertTraveler.

4. This will generate a username/password that will be automatically emailed to your NC State email address.

5. Enter the email and password generated by AlertTraveler into your app on the phone to connect your NC State study abroad details and itinerary to the AlertTraveler app.

Utilizing AlertTraveler

  • When participants open the app, you will see all alerts for the current location, itinerary, and subscribed countries.
  • Go to the Menu in the top left to access country intelligence to learn more about the country(ies) to be visited.
  • Go to the “Profile” to update your phone number and email settings.
  • If you select an alert, you can read detailed alert information and read advice.