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Students wishing to attend NC State as an exchange student must check with their home university to ensure that a formal, bilateral student exchange agreement is on file with both NC State and the student’s home institution.


All exchange students must be nominated by their home university. Coordinators will submit nominations online.

After the Study Abroad Office has received all nominations, the Incoming Exchange Coordinator will open an online application for each student. Students will receive an email with important instructions and login information. Log-in to your Online Application

The online application involves several requirements, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Proof of English Proficiency (if native language is not English)
  • Official transcript from the student’s home university (Graduate students must also submit a transcript from all post-secondary institutions)
  • Certificate of Financial Responsibility: To receive a DS-2019 students must provide documentation of sufficient financial resources.
  • Course Requests: Students will provide a list of courses they wish to enroll in during their exchange. This requires home university advisor approval. Use the Course Search to view available courses. Poole College of Management students, please read these important considerations.

Timely completion of the application is critical for processing. Please see our deadlines.

Note: Students are not officially accepted for exchange until after the acceptance packet is received. 

Each student will receive a student login to access MyPack Portal and their new email account. MyPack Portal is used to complete on-campus housing applications, course registrations, pay bills, view grades, etc.

The NC State email system is hosted by Google. Students are encouraged to check out the Google Apps provided to all NC State users, such as Google Drive and Google Docs. Once students arrive on campus, all communication will be sent to their email accounts.

It is important for students to keep record of their student login and password information and bring it to orientation.

Exchange students may apply live on-campus or make arrangements to live off-campus. With limited availability of spaces, on-campus housing is not guaranteed to all students. Please see our Housing page for more information about the different options. Apply early for on-campus housing, as assignments as first-come, first-served.

Note: On-campus residence halls are closed during Winter Break. Students will need to vacate their rooms; most students use this time to travel.

The Study Abroad Office will work with the academic departments to enroll students in the courses listed on their Course Request Form submitted in their application.

Throughout the registration process, our office will be in contact with students to determine alternate courses if the requested ones are unavailable or if prerequisites have not been met. Course schedules can be viewed in MyPack Portal. Students will be able to meet with their academic advisor during Orientation to make any necessary changes. Read More about the Course Registration Process. 

To maintain proper visa status, students must maintain enrollment at full-time status throughout the exchange period (at least 12 credit hours for undergraduates, 9 credit hours for graduate students). 

The Office of International Services (OIS) at NC State manages all immigration-related processing for exchange students. The Study Abroad Offices shares all student documentation for review and OIS will issue a DS-2019 letter in the acceptance packet. The DS-2019 letter allows students to apply for a J-1 Exchange visa.

Students will receive a red folder with materials and great news of their official acceptance to participate in the exchange program at NC State. All acceptance packets are mailed together to our partner universities. The packets include the DS-2019 letter, Official Acceptance letter, Exchange Handbook and other materials.

Prior to arriving on campus, students need to take care of some additional requirements, listed below:

  • Submit immunization/health records online to Student Health Services (Read more)
  • Submit flight information and emergency contacts (Log-in)
  • Waive out of the required NC State student health insurance (Read more)
    • Note: All students are automatically enrolled in the plan and may only waive out if they have proof of equivalent coverage.