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Working in the USA

During orientation, there will be a mandatory session with representatives from the Office of International Services (OIS). They will explain if and when students are allowed to work while in the United States.

International students may be eligible to work on or off campus (depending on their visa type) and are subject to certain eligibility requirements and restrictions. Not all international students have employment eligibility and some are required to apply for and obtain specific employment authorization from OIS or the Immigration and Naturalization Service (USCIS) before engaging in any employment.

Some international students do not have employment eligibility and must not work. Employment regulations differ for different visa types and potential employers or supervisors must ascertain your employment eligibility before initiating actions, before promising you employment, and especially before allowing you to begin work. Please contact OIS if you have any questions about employment or visa status.

Academic Training

NC State University is home to one of the most organized and active “Student Intern” programs in the United States! This program allows students to participate in internship activities in the U.S. using J-1 visa sponsorship through the NC State University’s Office of International Services (OIS). This program offers a new option for students to experience life and learning in the United States.

On Campus Employers

On-campus employment is defined as physically on the campus of NC State University and paid through the NC State University Payroll office. There are many departments on campus that hire students. Past exchange students have worked for Campus Enterprises, NC State Bookstores, Carmichael Gym, and NCSU Libraries.