After Study Abroad

Coming home from an extended period abroad can cause a confusing mixture of feelings, both positive and negative, which can create reverse culture shock.

  • Things are not quite as perfect at home as imagined during the more difficult times while abroad.
  • People from home do not appreciate how significant and life-changing the study abroad experience was.
  • Returning to the ordinary.

  • These vary in specificity and intensity from person to person.
  • Common symptom include: change in sleeping or eating habits, fatigue, irritation, problems with concentration, feelings of isolation, and depression.

  • It’s a balancing act of processing and remembering all that happened abroad while finding ways to fit back into life in the U.S.
  • Similar techniques that worked to help with culture shock can help with re-entry: getting involved on-campus and in the community, forming a routine, making connections with international students and future study abroad students at NC State.

Resources for Returned Students