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Eligibility Policy

The Study Abroad Office encourages all NC State students to study abroad. The following eligibility criteria are in place to ensure that students have been successful on campus before undertaking an academic term abroad. Students must meet and maintain all eligibility requirements.

Connect with us if you have any questions regarding eligibility.

  • NC State Summer, Short-Term (Spring/Winter Break) Programs: 2.0 GPA
  • NC State Semester Exchange & Direct Enroll Programs: 2.75 GPA
  • NC State Prague: 2.5 GPA semester / 3.0 GPA summer
  • Affiliate & Third-Party Programs: 2.0 GPA
    • Students should also refer to the host program’s eligibility requirements.
  • NC State Summer, European Center in Prague, Group and Spring/Winter Break Programs
    • Students may study abroad on a summer program after completing one semester at NC State.
    • Exceptions apply for select programs designed for incoming first-year students (e.g. Summer Start and Prague Connect).
  • NC State Semester Exchange & Direct Enroll Programs
    • Students may study abroad after completing two semesters at NC State.
  • Affiliate and Third-Party
    • Students may study abroad after completing one semester at NC State. Students should refer to the host program’s eligibility requirements.
  • Notes for Graduating Seniors
    • NC State Group Programs
      • NC State Prague Semester: Students studying at NC State Prague can return to campus for graduation within that term if all degree requirements have been met and approved by the department and college.
      • NC State Group Summer (Prague and all other summer group programs): Students can study on summer programs in the summer following graduation as non-degree students through the continuing education program. Students can apply to the program using their Unity ID and password.
    • Transfer Credits – NC State Exchange, Direct Enroll, Affiliate and Third-Party Programs
      • Students should plan to study abroad prior to their final semester. Graduation within the same term is typically not possible as it can take a few months to receive official transcripts from international partners.
      • NC State accepts official electronic transcripts at directly from the host institutions.
      • Students at the end of their degree plans should work closely with their Academic Advisor and Departmental Coordinator of Advising to discuss their plans for study abroad, graduation, and residency requirements at the time of application and prior to departure. In the interim between program completion and official graduation, it may be possible for a student’s College to provide a letter for employers or graduate programs indicating that the student has fulfilled appropriate degree requirements abroad and that the official receipt of the diploma is forthcoming.

    For all study abroad programs, including affiliate and third-party programs, students are not eligible to participate if, at the time of program start, the student:

    • NC State degree-seeking students under the age of 18 years are permitted to study abroad.
    • Select programs may not permit students to be under the age of 18 at the time of participation; see the eligibility requirements on the program pages.
    • Students should discuss age requirements with their study abroad advisor prior to application for any semester-length or non-NC State programs.
    • Parent or Guardian signatures will be required for select application requirements.
    • See also Parents and Family Support