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Program Director

NC State faculty and staff play a vital role in developing and managing study abroad programs, training globally aware leaders of tomorrow through transformative experiences abroad. Study Abroad’s goal is to provide a diverse array of academically well-matched, immersive experiences abroad for NC State students.

NC State short-term group programs:

  • are led by an NC State faculty or staff member,
  • offer NC State courses or a set of pre-approved courses for transfer credit to a group of NC State students,
  • are short term (summer term, spring break, or winter break), not extending for a full semester,
  • are financially self-supporting and do not involve regular tuition payments,
  • are taught outside the United States and its territories, and
  • are approved and administered by the Study Abroad Office (REG 02.55.01) and sponsored by NC State.

Any unique program models that fall outside of traditional study abroad exchanges, direct enroll, or short term group programs must be reviewed and approved by the Study Abroad Office, Study Abroad Advisory Board, and the Substantive Change Committee as appropriate.

NC State also maintains semester study abroad opportunities for students by partnering with international institutions through exchange partnerships. See below for more information on exchanges, existing partners, and the process for developing a new exchange agreement.