Benefits of Studying Abroad

With study abroad, you can experience new places and cultures, make friends from around the world, and gain a global perspective–while earning credits towards your degree. It will allow you to develop highly-valued skills such as intercultural communication, foreign languages, adaptability, and problem-solving.

Why should NC State students study abroad?

Gain a global outlook

Participation on any study abroad program fulfills the Global Knowledge co-requisite degree requirement for NC State students. NC State has identified global competency as a necessary component to its university education. In a survey of study abroad alumni conducted by the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) of over 3,400 respondents, 95% stated that study abroad had a lasting impact on their world view.

Diversify your experience and education

Studying marine science at the Great Barrier Reef, architecture in Europe, or environmental sciences in the Amazon rainforest provides new meaning to the typical classroom experience not possible on campus at NC State. On average, approximately 20% of NC State undergraduate students and 13% of undergraduates nationwide study abroad. Distinguish yourself from your peers by developing skills and engaging in a unique learning environment overseas!

Personal growth

When you're abroad, every new experience can be a challenge and an adventure! Take a risk by leaving your home and you will be better prepared to face challenges in the future. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you'll develop problem solving skills and discover you can handle the unexpected. Study abroad is a transformative experience that fosters personal growth along with increased intellectual development.

Get ahead with prospective employers

Through study abroad, you can gain international experience and skills such as intercultural sensitivity, the ability to deal with ambiguity, and adaptation to new surroundings--all highly valued by employers. Abroad, you can learn to relate with people from different backgrounds, an important ability in the workplace. According to the IES survey, their study abroad alumni earn on average $7,000 more in starting salary compared to the general population of U.S. college graduates.

See the world

Develop an understanding and appreciation of people from other countries and improve cross-cultural competency along with many skills. In the IES survey, 97% stated that study abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity, 96% increased their self-confidence and 84% said that study abroad helped them develop job skills.

There are few experiences that are as transformative to the development of a student as study abroad. A full immersion in another culture heightens ones cultural sensitivities and opens our minds to the complexity of the world. And, if that is not enough, study abroad increases the competitiveness of our students as they seek employment upon graduation.

Chancellor Woodson