Health & Safety Abroad

The Study Abroad Office takes the health and safety of every student participating in a study abroad program seriously. NC State adheres to the following health and safety practices:

  • Coordinates the Study Abroad Emergency Response Team – available 24 hours a day through the NC State Campus Police, see emergency assistance.
  • Monitors U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories regarding the health and safety conditions at all programs in which NC State participants are enrolled.
  • Does not send participants to locations designated as Restricted Travel areas unless the student has petitioned for and received special approval.
  • Provides health and safety information to enable participants to make informed decisions concerning study abroad.
  • Requires all study abroad participants on and all faculty and staff leading programs to carry the UNC System international health insurance, which includes emergency assistance, evacuation, and repatriation.

While the Study Abroad Office will do everything possible to support students and provide a safety net abroad, no place in the world is without risk, and it is important for students to take responsibility while abroad and to be vigilant of their new surroundings.