NC State Scholarships

The Study Abroad Office encourages all students to apply through our streamlined scholarship process. Students completing this single application will be eligible for as many as 20+ types of scholarships and travel awards which generally range from $1,000 to $3,000.

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Students apply for scholarships based on the term that they will be receiving credit abroad.


Spring Cycle: Available for students going abroad in Winter 2019, Spring Semester 2020, Spring Break 2020, Spring Short Term 2020, or “Spring-Fall” term 2020. Applications open on July 23rd and close on September 15th. Decisions will be sent out on November 7th.

Summer Cycle: Available for students going abroad in Summer 2020 (both sessions I and II). Applications open on September 25th and close on November 15th. Decisions will be sent out on January 24th.

Fall Cycle: Available for students going abroad in Fall semester 2020, Fall Short Term 2020, and Academic Year 2020-2021. Applications open on December 2nd and close on February 1st. Decisions will be sent out on April 2nd.

In 2018-2019, our scholarship process distributed $534,000 to students. Approximately one third of applicants received an award.
Yes, you can. We encourage all students to apply even if you have not finalized your study abroad plans. Most of our scholarships are transferable to other programs but they are NOT transferable across terms. If you decide to study abroad in a later term you will need to reapply for scholarships.
Scholarships are open to degree-seeking NC State students that will be receiving academic credit while abroad. Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply but students cannot graduate before participating on their study abroad program. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to retain their scholarships and must agree to complete any requirements attached to an individual scholarship.
Yes, as long as the student is receiving academic credit. Please note that students participating on NC State programs may receive the benefit of their scholarships earlier because we can directly reduce their MyPack balance. Students on non-NC State programs often have to wait longer for a check or direct deposit and should take this into account when budgeting.
Scholarships are not limited in how they can be used and comprise the vast majority of our funding. Travel awards will only cover student airfare and are currently only funded by the College of Engineering. Eligible COE students can potentially receive both scholarships and/or travel awards.
No, our process operates completely outside of Pack ASSIST. There may be additional awards available to students through Pack ASSIST, however those require individual applications.
Financial need is a primary consideration for many of our awards, however merit is also a contributing factor for some scholarships. Awards decided by committees, including the highest valued scholarships, will often use essay scores to determine selections.
The best essays will give specific answers to the questions provided. Vague or confusing responses will result in lower scores. Before you begin, consider that you are applying against hundreds of other students for limited funding and ask yourself “what sets me apart?” Be able to demonstrate how study abroad fits into a greater plan for your academic and professional future.
Yes, we offer funding sessions throughout the academic year starting in August. Students that have open study abroad applications will be automatically notified of these sessions. These require no signup and will be offered regularly in Talley Student Center. Sessions will by presented by representatives from both Study Abroad and OSFA and will allow ample time for individual questions.