PackAbroad Ambassadors

The PackAbroad Ambassadors are a student group for study abroad returnees. This is a great opportunity to get together with other students who have studied abroad while encouraging even more students to study abroad.

What do They Do?

The ambassadors reach out to students through tabling, orientations, classroom presentations, meet and greets, peer advising, the study abroad fair, and so much more. Certain groups around campus – classes, student organizations, residence hall programs, etc. – want to hear about study abroad from their peers. Enthusiastic, passionate students typically give a 10-20 minute presentation about the different study abroad opportunities offered at NC State with special emphasis on personal experiences and stories. Modifications can be made to these presentations based on the audience, the student’s experience, or interest in a specific region/country.

The Ambassadors also get together and have speakers at monthly meetings, plan fun events, and much more.

How to become a PackAbroad Ambassador:

  1. Submit an interest form to learn more about becoming an ambassador
  2. Participate in the mandatory membership meetings and training sessions.
  3. Be willing to participate as a volunteer at Study Abroad Fairs, Pre-Departure Orientations, New Student Orientations, and other events that are hosted by the Study Abroad Office.


Want an Ambassador for your classroom or event?

Request a presentation for your class or organization!

PackAbroad Ambassador Contact information.

NameEmailCollegeMajor/MinorProgram TermProgram Name
Alex Matthewsammatth3@ncsu.eduWCOTFashion and Textile Management; Spanish MinorSummerFTM Program Surrey, Gildford, UK
Ali Earlyasearly@ncsu.eduCHASSPsychologyFallPrague Spring Connect
Anisha Guptaagupta32@ncsu.eduCOSStatisticsSummerUnited Kingdom: STEM and Liberal Studies in London
Anna Blantonagblanto@ncsu.eduCHASSCommunications; TheatreFallISA: London, UK
Anna Davisazdavis2@ncsu.eduCOE; CHASSAerospace Engineering; International StudiesFallPoland: Global STEM
Annalise Hafnerahafner@ncsu.eduCALSBiochemistry/Nutrition Science; Minor: SpanishSummerSpain: Language and Culture in Valencia
Caleb Crutchfieldcicrutch@ncsu.eduCOSBiologyFallPoland: Global STEM
Caroline Dunncgdunn2@ncsu.eduCHASSInternational studies - Global Sustainability and Development; Minors in German and Social WorkSpringUniversitat Freiburg
Catelyn Meredithcmeredi@ncsu.eduCHASSPsychologySummerNC State Prague
Chloe Hockhamcchockha@ncsu.eduCHASS/PCOMMajor: Business Administration and International Relations; Minor: SpanishSpringInternational Studies Abroad: Sevilla, Spain
Citlali Rubiocdrubio@ncsu.eduCHASSFrenchSpringVesalius College
Clare Cannonccannon@ncsu.eduCHASSCommunication and Spanish; Minor: Aerospace StudiesSpringUniversity of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Cory Burnscpburns2@ncsu.eduCOEMechanical EngineeringSpringUniversity of Woollongong
Elena Betancourtembetanc@ncsu.eduCHASSInternational Studies; SpanishSpringUniversita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Emily Esterlineejesterl@ncsu.eduCOSApplied Mathematics and StatisticsSpringUniversity College Cork
Emily Ostermannecosterm@ncsu.eduCOEChemical Engineering; Minor: Chinese Studies, Food ScienceSummerEngineering, STS, and International Relations at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China
Erika Debnamerdebnam@ncsu.eduCOEMaterials Science & Engineering; Minor: Health, Medicine, & Human ValuesSummerSTEM & Liberal Studies in the UK
Hamilton McInnishpmcinni@ncsu.eduCOEEnvironmental EngineeringAcademic YearNUPACE
Jada Arroyojcarroyo@ncsu.eduCHASSCriminologySummerFrench Language and Culture in Lille
Jake Panliliojspanlil@ncsu.eduCOEIndustrial EngineeringSummerLondon: STEM & Liberal Studies
Jaylynn Wooddjwood@ncsu.eduCOEBiomedical EngineeringSummerVienna, Austria
Jenna Naborsjcnabor2@ncsu.eduCHASSCommunication and International Studies, Journalism minorSpringStellebosch University
Jenny Xiaojnxiao@ncsu.eduPCOM & CHASSBusiness Administration-Supply Chain International Studies-Global RelationsSummer; SpringItaly: Ethics & Business Law & Fudan University
Jessica Hammjlhamm@ncsu.eduCOEMaterials Science and EngineeringSpringUniversity of Manchester
Jiana Brownjlbrow28@ncsu.eduCHASSCommunication Media & French EducationSummerFrench Language and Culture in Lille
Joanne Zhangjnzhang2@ncsu.eduWCOTFashion and Textile ManagementSpringLorenzo de Medici, Florence
Julianne Lewisjnlewis2@ncsu.eduCOSBiological Science; Minor: SpanishSpringUniversity of Leeds
Justin McKinstryjgmckins@ncsu.eduCOD; PCOMDesign Studies; Business AdministrationSpringUniversidad San Franciso de Quito
Kate Muldercmulder@ncsu.eduWCOTFashion and Textile ManagementFallLorenzo de Medici, Florence
Katy Gormankwgorman@ncsu.eduCOS/COEApplied Math & Computer Science; Minor: StatisticsSpringUniversity College Cork
Katy Kilbourneklkilbou@ncsu.eduPCOMBusiness Administration: Marketing, minor in International StudiesSpringFlorence, Italy: Lorenzo de' Medici
Kayla Jordankajorda4@ncsu.eduCHASSSocial Work; Minors: Sociology, Nonprofit StudiesSummerEuropean Center in Prague
Kylie McCoolekmccool@ncsu.eduCHASSPsychology; Business AdministrationSummer; SpringUniversite Catholique de Lille
Lea Tomkovaltomkov@ncsu.eduPCOM; CHASSBusiness Administration; SpanishSpringUniversidad Pontificia Comillas
Lexi Wirthaswirth@ncsu.eduCHASSPsychologyFallPrague Spring Connect
Lindsey Wenzellfwenzel@ncsu.eduDesignDesign Studies, Minor: Business AdministrationSummerNC State Prague
Lydia Wonderlylnwonder@ncsu.eduCHASSPolitical Science; Minors: Statistics, TheatreSummerFlorence, Italy
Maggie Rileymmriley2@ncsu.eduCOE/COTTextile Engineering; Business EntrepreneurshipSpringNC State Prague
Matthew Blizzardmjblizz2@ncsu.eduCOE; PCOMMechanical Engineering; EconomicsSpringLund University
Miranda Greenmigreen@ncsu.eduCODDesign StudiesSummerFYI Prague
Morgan Guntermlgunter@ncsu.eduCOE; WCOTTextile EngineeringSpringUniversity of Adelaide
Nicole Eastmannreastma@ncsu.eduCNRConservation BioSpringUSFQ
Nina Gierbolininagierbo@ncsu.eduCALSAnimal ScienceSummerUK: Intro to Animal Behavior and Veterinary Physiotherapy
Olivia Samuelsonogsamuel@ncsu.eduCHASSPolitical ScienceFallNC State Prague
Ryan Jonesrcjones9@ncsu.eduCOSBiological Sciences; Minor: SpanishSummer; SpringSegovia, Spain; Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Sara Jacobsdjacob@ncsu.eduCALSNutrition Science; Minor: SpanishSummer; FallPeru Language and Culture and University College Cork
Savannah Ballardsballar@ncsu.eduCOSHuman BiologySpringUniveristy of Adelaide
Shea Hardmanskhardma@ncsu.eduCHASSSpanish EducationSpringLanguage & Culture in Valencia
Smriti Raosvrao2@ncsu.eduCOEElectrical EngineeringSummerNC State Prague
Stuti Vyassvyas@ncsu.eduCHASSCommunication; Minor in Business AdministrationSummerNC State Prague
Sydney Blackertsrblacke@ncsu.eduCHASSInternational studiesSummerNC State Prague
Taleek Harleetdharlee@ncsu.eduCALSAgricultural EducationSummerIreland Global Foods
Tirrezz Hudsontmhudso3@ncsu.eduCHASSPsychology; Minors: French, Biological SciencesSummerFrench Language and Culture in Lille
Tyler Jordantnjorda3@ncsu.eduCOEChemical EngineeringFallMonash University