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Technology & Communication


Students are given an account (Unity ID) for computer use at NC State. This account gives access to on-campus computers, email, software applications, and course registration (MyPack Portal). Students may access their account using their Unity ID and password, which they should have received from the Study Abroad Office. After logging in for the first time, students should change their temporary password to one of their own choosing.

Internet Use

Students should be able to connect to the university computer system by subscribing to ResNet, the university’s networking system in the residence halls. All students living in residence halls are required to pay a ResNet fee each semester. Many residence halls and outdoor areas on campus are also equipped for wireless internet access. If they don’t already have it, students should install EduRoam to their laptops and/or mobile phones to access university Wifi.

Computer Assistance

If students have problems with NC State accounts or programs, they can call 515-HELP to reach the NC State Help Desk. The Help Desk provides some support for computer, and can often help troubleshoot basic problems. Students with computers in need of repair can also make an appointment with the Office of Information Technology Walk-in Center to have a computer technician help them fix the issue.


Cell Phone/Mobile Phone

Students may want to visit their cell phone provider before departing their home country in order to unlock their cell phone for use int he U.S. if it is not already unlocked. After arriving, students can get a SIM card and a pay-as-you-go plan through various cell phone companies, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc.. Many students use the WiFi on campus to send text messages and make phone calls.

Long-Distance and International Calls

Any calls outside of the Raleigh area are subject to long-distance charges and require a calling card when made from campus locations. If a residence hall does not offer long-distance services, student can use a calling card or cell phone.

Calling Cards & Apps

Many stores close to campus sell pre-paid international calling cards. Previous exchange students have also recommended using free mobile apps like Skype and WhatsApp to make calls abroad.