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How to Apply

It's never too early to start planning for study abroad. Consider academic and personal goals, check out program options, review eligibility requirements, research funding opportunities and take note of important deadlines.

At Study Abroad 101 students will learn how to search for programs and be introduced to financing study abroad.

Note: This step is required for students who are applying for a semester exchange/direct-enroll program, and recommended for any student who would like to learn more about all of our options. Students are advised to begin the application process no later than one month before the deadline. The last Study Abroad 101 will be given one week prior to the deadline to ensure students have time to complete an application.

Students are encouraged to consider programs that work well with their area of study and meet their study abroad goals. Search programs and take note of courses, cost, and eligibility.

NC State students can afford to study abroad! NC State students typically use a combination of financial aid, scholarships, and personal funds towards their experience. Learn more about funding study abroad and compare the cost of studying abroad to the estimated cost of staying on campus.

Semester and Academic Year Programs: Click the “Apply Now” button on the program page to start an application. After you’ve started your semester program-specific application, you will complete Study Abroad 101 (Step 1) if you haven’t already, and complete your advising application (Step 2).

Then you will be able to schedule an individual advising appointment (Step 3). At the appointment, the advisor will discuss the overall application process, review program-specific information, point out scholarship opportunities and answer any personal concerns.

NC State Group Programs: Click the “Apply Now” button on the program page to start an application. Applications vary by program and may require short essays, a copy of your transcript, and an application fee.

Non-NC State Programs: In addition to applying directly to the program provider, students must complete the relevant Affiliate or Third-Party Program application

Determine how your study abroad program fits in with your academic plans.

Some programs will require applicants to complete a course approval form. Check out this video for more detailed instructions and information about the course approval form.

Take note of application deadlines and complete all requirements online. Remember to click “Submit” when you are ready to turn in your application.

Ready to Apply?

Have you already identified the program you would like to apply for? Search for the program by name and start your application.