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International Health Insurance

All students participating in study abroad programs or other university-affiliated international travel are required to be enrolled in the GeoBlue international health insurance policy for the duration of their program. This policy is utilized by the entire UNC System and provides comprehensive, low-cost medical coverage that includes political unrest and natural disaster evacuation benefits, for approximately $1.50/day. 

See Coverage: GeoBlue Member Brochure
Extend health insurance coverage: Purchasing Before & After Coverage

The Study Abroad Office recommends all students remain enrolled in domestic health insurance while studying abroad to avoid gaps in coverage. Some international students studying abroad in their home country are eligible to waive their enrollment in a GeoBlue policy, depending on the program type. 

Global Wellness Assist is a new international assistance program for individuals traveling outside of their home country. It provides access to free, confidential counseling assistance anytime, any day. You can access this service through the GeoBlue App (available in Google Play or Apple Store) or the GeoBlue Students member portal.

Telemedicine is available through Global TeleMDTM A safe and convenient option for accessing healthcare services is our telemedicine service, Global TeleMDTM. The Global TeleMD app provides remote access to a global network of licensed doctors by telephone or video without needing to leave your home. Remote consultations via Global TeleMD are free and can be used as many times as you need. Prescriptions may also be provided, as appropriate.

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