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Programs by Area of Study

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Design

In today’s design practice, global awareness is critical. International study challenges a designer to envision a wider range of design options and gain insight into biases and preconceptions that hamper the creative process.

College of Education

Studying abroad shapes students’ views on diversity, equity and inclusivity, and helps develop cultural competency. Study abroad programs equip future teachers with cultural experiences through immersive experiences.

College of Engineering

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Immerse yourself in another country and become a citizen of the world when you study Humanities and Social Sciences abroad. In addition to fulfilling degree requirements in English, students can also study World Languages and Cultures on many semester and short-term programs.

Check out suggested programs for students majoring or minoring in World Languages and Cultures:

Poole College of Management

At the Poole College of Management, we don’t do international business; we do business internationally. On-campus and around the world, Poole provides a variety of opportunities for students.

College of Natural Resources

College of Sciences

Wilson College of Textiles

The Wilson College of Textiles encourages all students to have an international experience during your time at NC State. A wide variety of opportunities exist for study abroad, international internships, and individual exploration. While students may attend any accredited institution, consider opportunities specific towards Textiles students.

University College

Students in Exploratory Studies, Inter-College Transfer, or other majors within University College can study abroad in a number of different ways.

College of Veterinary Medicine

NC State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine provide many diverse programs and opportunities for international experiences, collaborations and courses. Knowledge of global issues and practices enhances expertise, perspectives, and cultural awareness. We encourage students to participate in international programs as selective/elective experience or as a 4th year rotation.

The Graduate School

Graduate students at NC State may have the option to participate in different international experiences as a part of their graduate studies, including research abroad, group study abroad programs, and independent study abroad, depending on their program.