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Affiliate and Third-Party Programs

If you find that none of the NC State programs fit your particular needs, there are countless additional programs available through affiliate and other third-party providers. The Study Abroad Office will help facilitate these opportunities, too!

Deadlines for affiliate and third-party programs can vary greatly; therefore, we recommend taking note of the deadlines for programs of interest to you, and completing the PackAbroad application at least two weeks before the deadline for the application through your program’s provider.

NC State students may study abroad through:

  • Any program sponsored by a U.S. accredited institution
  • Any program sponsored by an accredited third-party provider or affiliate partner (see bottom of page)
  • Direct enrollment at an accredited institution overseas

Students going on affiliate or third-party programs will complete TWO applications. One for NC State and one to the program provider/institution.

You can find the appropriate affiliate or non-NC State application on PackAbroad.

Yes, in order to earn credit for affiliate or third-party programs, undergraduates must receive the equivalent of a C- or better. Graduate students must receive the equivalent to a B or better. As part of the application, you will fill out a course pre-approval form to determine how courses will fit into your degree audit. Review more about Credit Abroad.

When participating in an affiliate or third-party program, you pay a Study Abroad and setup fee, but no tuition is owed to NC State, rather students pay tuition and fees directly to the program sponsor/institution. See Billing, Payments, and Fees.

Yes, financial aid and scholarships can be used to fund your study abroad as long as you are taking a full course load that counts towards your degree. For students participating in affiliate or third-party programs, financial aid will be disbursed directly to the student.

We can sign your forms AFTER completing your application in PackAbroad. To get the forms signed, email

You are not required to meet with an advisor if you are going on an affiliate or third-party program. If you would like to meet with someone there a few options:

NC State Affiliate Programs