Types of Programs

Semester/Year-Long Programs

  • Exchange Programs
    A student from NC State and a student at a partner university trade places. NC State students pay NC State tuition and fees and become a visiting student at the international university.  Benefits include low cost (especially for in-state students); an independent, immersion experience into the host university; and a wide range of course options.
    In addition to the programs marked as NC State exchanges, other exchange options include UNCEP (UNC System Exchanges) and TASSEP, due to NC State consortium memberships.
  • Direct Enroll
    Students study as a visiting student at an international university with access to a wide array of courses, similar to an exchange student. Direct Enroll students pay tuition to the host university directly and do not pay tuition to NC State while abroad.
    In addition to NC State Direct Enroll programs, students can also participate on ISEP Direct Enroll programs (Note: ISEP Exchange programs are not available to NC State students).
  • Group
    Students study and participate in activities with other American study abroad students. The program cost is fixed and typically includes tuition, housing, insurance. Benefits include programs tailored for American students abroad with increased student support services.
  • Internships Abroad
    An internship abroad can be a wonderful way to improve practical skills, enhance one’s resume, learn about another culture, meet people from many countries and backgrounds, and see another part of the world. Students who are participating on an international internship and receiving academic credit must register with the Study Abroad Office

Summer, Spring-Break and Short-Term Programs

  • Group Programs
    Most short-term programs are led by an NC State faculty member and a group of NC State students.  Programs typically are 3-6 weeks long.  Group program benefits include unique programs tailored to the location and discipline of the faculty member. Programs may include various site-visits, research projects, and/or fieldwork.

Independent Study Abroad

  • These applications are intended for students who plan to travel independently (i.e. not with any NC State-affiliated group, and not with any other organized study abroad program) and who have made special arrangements with a faculty member to earn academic credit for an NC State course.

Graduate Research Abroad

  • This application is intended for graduate students who plan to pursue research abroad as part of their degree.
  • Research abroad is usually arranged between an NC State faculty member and an NC State student and does not go through any formal institutional review or approval process. However, students must register through the Study Abroad Office.

Non-NC State Programs

  • If students can’t find an NC State program that fits their needs, students may study abroad through any program sponsored by a U.S. accredited institution, accredited third-party provider, or direct enrollment at an accredited institution overseas.