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NC State Summer Partner Programs

Students study at an NC State partner institution with other NC State and international students from the U.S. and abroad. Partner program benefits include a wide variety of course opportunities taught by local faculty from the host institution. Programs may include site visits, research projects, and/or fieldwork.

ProgramFields of Study
Australia: Summer at the University of AdelaideCALS, CHASS, CNR, Sciences
France: Summer at Université Catholique de LilleCHASS, Education, Management, Sciences
France: Summer School in Science and EngineeringSciences, CALS, Engineering, Textiles
Ghana: Summer at the University of GhanaCHASS, Design, Engineering, Sciences
Ireland: Summer at University College DublinCHASS, CNR, COS, Engineering, Management
Japan: Summer at Sophia UniversityJapanese Language, International Studies
South Korea: Summer at Hanyang UniversityCALS, CHASS, Design, Engineering, Management, Sciences, Textiles
United Kingdom: Summer at Lancaster UniversityCHASS, CNR
United Kingdom: Summer at University of LeedsCHASS, Engineering, Management, Sciences