Cultural Readjustment

Transitioning back to NC State and the United States can be challenging for many returned study abroad students as their recent study abroad experiences may have changed their perspectives, world views, and values. This period of cultural readjustment – commonly referred to as reverse culture shock – is normal, and it can be quite similar to the culture shock students may have experienced upon their initial adjustment to life abroad. Look through the resources and links below to learn more about how to combat some of the challenges presented by cultural readjustment.

NC State’s Counseling Center offers a variety of resources and services to students, including: individual appointments, group counseling, and outreach workshops and programs.

Building community with other recently returned study abroad students is one tool to manage cultural re-adjustment. The PackAbroad Ambassadors meet regularly throughout the academic year and welcome new members!

Staff in the Study Abroad Office are eager to hear more about students’ experiences abroad and may be great resources for navigating the re-entry experience.

Check out some of the published articles and resources available online for returned study abroad students experiencing reverse culture shock: GoOverseas,  IES Abroad Re-Entry Resources, and Diversity Abroad.