Requesting Study Abroad Transcripts

The Study Abroad Office can provide certified copies of international transcripts for students who received study abroad transfer credit on their NC State transcripts by completing the steps below. Alternatively, an official transcript of any NC State transfer credit courses can be requested directly from the host university or study abroad program provider.

  1. Verify that a certified copy is sufficient for graduate or professional school admissions before completing a transcript request.
    • The original transcripts from a study abroad experience must be kept on file at NC State.
    • Note that certified copies can only be sent by mail. Digital (pdf) copies ARE NOT certified copies.
  2. Submit Online Certified Transcript Request

Please note:

  • Students who participated in study abroad programs in which they received NC State credits (e.g., most NC State summer group programs, NC State Prague) should request an official transcript through the Registration & Records Office.
  • Study Abroad only includes copies of transcripts in these requests. If you need credit hour or equivalency guidelines, these should be requested directly from the host university.
  • Certified copies are physical copies of your transcript that can only be sent by mail. We cannot email a certified copy.