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NCSU Study Abroad Scholarship Directory

Students may apply for all of the following scholarships with our single application. Please note that some awards require a student to submit essays for consideration. Applicants will also be automatically considered for any new scholarships that are added after their applications have been submitted. Additional awards may be available through Pack Assist and those scholarships will require additional applications.

Non-essay Scholarships

ScholarshipAward AmountCycles AvailableEligibilityRequirements
Study Abroad Greatest Needs$1,500Spring, Summer, FallAll students are eligible. Preference will go to students from groups that are underrepresented in study abroad.None.
Study Abroad Trademark and CBTI$1,500Spring, Summer, FallAll students are eligible.None.
Donor scholarships$1,000+Spring, Summer, FallAll students are eligible.Varies by award.
Committee on International Programs Scholarship$1,000Spring, Summer, FallAll students are eligible.None.
Jackson Rigney Scholarship$1,000FallAll students are eligible.Recipients must attend the Global Engagement Expo in the spring.
Ralph and Ree Edwards Scholarship (COE)$1,625Spring, SummerStudents with an engineering major.Discretion of the COE scholarship committee.
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources$500-$1,500Spring, Summer, FallStudents with a major in DFER including FOM, NR, FW, ET, ES.Discretion of the DFER scholarship committee.
#PackAbroad$500Spring, Summer, FallAll students are eligible.Students must upload a required set of photos to a google album throughout their time abroad, take over the @packabroadbaton instagram account for 1 week, and fill out a student spotlight questionnaire upon completion of their program to be featured on the website.

Scholarships Requiring Essays

ScholarshipAward AmountCycles AvailableEligibilityRequirements
Chancellor's$2,500-$3,500Spring, Summer, FallAll students are eligible. Preference will go to students from groups that are underrepresented in study abroad.Recipients must attend a training session upon return, participate in outreach activities, and attend the Chancellor's Scholarship Reception.
H&SS$1,500Spring, Summer, FallStudents with a current major in H&SS.Before applying, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor or faculty member to discuss their study abroad plans. Recipients must maintain a blog while abroad.
Poole College of Management$1,000+Spring, Summer, FallStudents with a major in Poole College of ManagementDiscretion of the Poole Scholarship Committee
Wilson College of Textiles$1,000-$1,500Spring, Summer, FallStudents with a major in TextilesDiscretion of the Wilson College scholarship committee.
College of Natural Resources$500-$1,500Spring, SummerStudents with a major in CNR.Discretion of the CNR scholarship committee.
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences$500-$2,500Spring, Summer, FallLimited to CALS students; selection based primarily on need as reflected in the FAFSA applicationDiscretion of the CALS scholarship committee.
College of Education$500-$1,000SummerStudents with a major in CED.Discretion of the CED scholarship committee.
L.I. Felner$1,000Spring, SummerStudents with a major in Foreign Languages and Literatures.Discretion of the FLL scholarship committee.
Joan Mills Busko Arts Travel Scholarship$1,000+Spring, Summer, FallPreference will be given to students enrolling in an art or design course for a grade.Discretion of the Friends of the Gregg scholarship committee.
Africana Studies and the Africa Project Scholarship$1,000+Spring, SummerStudents studying in Africa or countries related to the African diaspora are eligible.Recipients must submit a report upon return.

Travel Awards

Travel AwardAward AmountCycles AvailableEligibilityRequirements
College of Engineering Travel AwardsVariableSpring, Summer, FallMust have a College of Engineering first majorStudents will receive a separate acceptance letter for a travel award which must be signed a returned to COE. Students will be offered awards based on travel costs to their intended program so they are highly encouraged to research programs early.