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male student wearing NC State shirt with Machu Picchu in background

Questions to Ask

Academic and Professional


  • What kind of classes are ideal to take abroad: major, minor, or general education courses?
  • How many credits could you potentially earn on your program?
  • Will you receive transfer credit or NC State credit? Review Credit Abroad.
  • Review degree audit and discuss plans with an academic advisor.


  • What is the ideal classroom setting? Student populations on programs vary and may consist of all NC State students and other Americans, primarily international students, or mainly local students from the host country.


  • Most foreign language programs require level 202 in the respective language.
  • The majority of programs offer courses in English – even in non-traditional locations like South Africa, Hong Kong, Sweden, Turkey, the Czech Republic.



  • Is there a region or country of interest? What is attractive to you about the location – festivals, historic sites, outdoor activities, proximity to other destinations?
  • What are the cultural/social differences that may exist in this country?
  • Have you considered how students from diverse backgrounds are perceived in the host country? Explore identity-based resources for guidance on dealing with diversity abroad.
  • Consider location: small town, university community, or big city?
  • Warm or colder climate preferences?


  • Dormitory, apartment, with a homestay family?
  • What are the standards of living in the host country?


  • What is the cost of living in the host country?
  • Remember to consider program cost and resources for funding study abroad when making a program selection.

Level of Support

  • Are you interested in a more guided or independent experience? Consider the various types of programs based on your preferences.