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Participant Agreement

North Carolina State University Study Abroad Office

Participant Agreement


In consideration for being permitted by North Carolina State University (the “University”) to participate in a Study Abroad program (the “Program”), I hereby understand, agree and represent that I am participating in the Program voluntarily and for my own personal benefit.  I further agree as follows: 

  1. Accommodations
    Physical accommodations abroad may be perceived as inconvenient or uncomfortable by U.S. standards, and I acknowledge that I am expected to adapt to such accommodations. The University does not represent or act as an agent for and cannot control/is not liable for the acts or omissions of any host institution, host family, other host arrangements, land transportation, air transportation, carrier, hotel or similar accommodation, tour agent, tour organizer or other provider of goods or services related to the Program.
  2. Communication Requirements
    Maintaining contact with Program leaders, University officials and other Program participants is very important for safety, health and emergency purposes. The University email system will be the primary means for Program staff and University officials to communicate with students. I will check my official University email account often (i.e., no less than once a day as long as email is accessible) during the Program. I also agree to maintain ongoing contact with my family or other support structures while I am abroad. I am expected to provide the Study Abroad Office with a phone number at which I can be reached while abroad.
  3. Health and Medical Issues
    1. Travel abroad may expose me to certain conditions, diseases or illnesses including exposure to contagious diseases such as COVID-19. I have been advised to acquire all the immunizations recommended by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and all other inoculations necessary for safe travel in the areas I am visiting. It is my responsibility to make an appointment with the Campus Health Travel Clinic or other health care professional at least six (6) weeks prior to departure to discuss any required or recommended immunizations and vaccinations. In addition, I have been advised to consult with a medical doctor or comparable health care provider with regard to my personal medical status and needs. I agree to make reasonable efforts to acquaint myself with the health factors and issues endemic to these areas and to prepare myself accordingly for my study abroad travel and activities.
    2. I am required to secure international health insurance through the University to cover my travel and study abroad activities. The University is not obligated to pay for medical treatment or hospital care in a foreign country or in the United States. Further, the University is not responsible for the quality of treatment or care received.
    3. I represent that I am in proper physical and other condition to participate in the Program. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to determine whether I am sufficiently fit and healthy enough to participate in the Program, and, if necessary, I will consult with my physician for appropriate guidance. The University is not obligated to attend to my medical or medication needs.
    4. If I am injured or become ill while participating in the Program, the University or its agents may secure hospitalization and/or medical treatment for me, and I shall be responsible for paying all expenses related thereto. The University or its agents may release my medical and other personal information to other persons who may need this information to assist me. I have provided the University with a full and accurate health history in my online application questionnaire. 
  4. Standards of Conduct
    1. Each foreign country has its own laws and regulations and has standards of acceptable conduct in the areas of dress, manners, morals, religion, social customs, politics, alcohol use, drug use and behavior. I recognize that behavior or conduct which violate those laws or standards could harm the Program’s effectiveness and the University’s relations with those countries in which the Program is located. I also understand explicitly that behavior or conduct which violates those laws or standards could harm my own health and safety as well as the health and safety of other participants in the Program. I take full responsibility for my behavior and conduct. This acceptance of responsibility applies to my conduct and behavior whether or not I am under the direct supervision of the University, University employees, agents, or Program officials.
    2. I will make reasonable and good faith efforts to become informed of all laws, regulations and standards for each country to or through which I travel during my participation. I further agree that I will abide by and comply with those laws, regulations and standards.
    3. I understand that I am subject to University policies, procedures, rules, standards and instruction, including the NC State Code of Student Conduct, at all times during my participation in the Program and its activities. I further agree to comply with any supplemental rules or standards adopted by the University for the Program in which I am participating. I understand that NC State may expel me from the Program and related activities for misconduct.
    4. The use or possession of narcotics or any other illegal substance while I am on the Program is expressly prohibited, is cause for immediate expulsion from the Program, may bar me from participation in any future programs, and may subject me to prosecution in the host country. I understand that the penalties for use or possession of illegal substances in other countries can be much more severe than in the United States and that the University and its agents cannot assist me if I am in violation of host country laws or standards.
    5. The abuse of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. I agree to the responsible use of alcohol as outlined in the Study Abroad Office Pre-Departure Handbook.
    6. I must reside in the housing location designated by the Program, if applicable. Students must abide by the host program’s or host family’s policies pertaining to house guests and obtain permission to host overnight guests in their housing.
    7. I agree to maintain a full-time course load according to the host institution. If I would like to drop a course that would drop me below full-time status, I will do the following:
      1. I will contact my host university international office/study abroad office to determine if there are visa implications.
      2. I will contact my NC State academic advisor to determine any negative impacts on my degree progress.
      3. If utilizing financial aid, I will notify the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. I understand that I may be required to repay part or all of my financial aid immediately if I drop below full-time status at any time during the term of the Program
      4. Acceptance to the Program is conditioned upon my remaining in good standing with the University for the term prior to participation in the Program.
    8. I have read and agree to abide by the policies and procedures included in the University-provided Pre-Departure Handbook and any Program-specific materials provided to me by agents or employees of the University. It is my responsibility to read all materials provided to me, and I have been advised to share those materials with my parent/legal guardian/next of kin. I have reviewed the Refund & Cancellation Policies and Payment Policies for study abroad program fees, and I agree to abide by these policies. I also agree that I have informed my parent/legal guardian/next of kin that I will be participating in the Program.
    9. I agree that the University has the right to enforce all of the standards of conduct, rules and regulations described above and in any other materials provided to me. The enforcement of these rules, regulations and standards are the responsibility of the Program director and the Study Abroad Office. In that role, the Program director and the Study Abroad Office will use their discretion regarding what interim disciplinary action to take, including removing the participant from the program and sending them home. Students are responsible for all damages caused by their actions or conduct, as outlined in the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Handbook.
    10. I understand that I am fully responsible for any criminal claims or other legal matters asserted against me that may arise while I am involved in the Program. I also agree that I am responsible for any encounters that I have with any foreign government, law enforcement, or any individual. The University is not responsible for providing any assistance under such circumstances.
    11. In the event that I undertake independent travel (which shall mean any travel or activity not sponsored by or affiliated with the University) during or immediately before or after the Program dates, I am required to update my itinerary in my study abroad application and provide my Program director or other on-site University representative, if applicable, with a copy of my itinerary and contact information in the event of an emergency and am encouraged to share my independent travel itinerary with my parent/legal guardian/next of kin. I understand and acknowledge that if I choose to undertake independent travel, I do so on a completely voluntary basis, in my sole discretion, and assuming all risks associated with such independent travel.  
  5. Consequences

The violation of any policies, rules, regulations, or orders of either University employees or any other lawful authority, including the violation of the terms of this agreement, is grounds for immediate expulsion from the Program and may bar me from participation in any future programs. I recognize that, due to the circumstances of foreign travel and foreign study programs, a due process hearing may not be practicable and, therefore, may not be available until after the Program has ended and I have returned home. I explicitly waive any claims based on alleged inadequate disciplinary procedures. 

  1. Program Changes

The University will attempt to implement the Program as described in its documentation (including but not limited to Program-specific information on the Study Abroad website). The University reserves the right, however, to change the Program (including accommodations) at any time and for any reason it deems sufficient to promote Program objectives; emergency, health or safety issues; or institutional needs.

The Program is subject to modification or cancellation because of natural disasters, pandemics, epidemics, terrorism, war, political instability, insufficient participation or other causes. If one of these occurs, I may not have any fees or expenses refunded. Program fees and charges are based on various on-site expenses, which are subject to change and for which I am responsible.

  1. Leaving the Program

I agree to inform the Study Abroad Office at the University in writing should I choose to withdraw from the Program.

If I leave the Program for any reason, there will be no refund of fees paid or expenses incurred.  As set forth in 4(g)(iii) above, I understand and acknowledge that financial aid could be affected if I choose to leave the Program.

If I am expelled from the Program, I will be sent home at my own expense with no refund of fees or expenses. I understand expulsion from the Program may also include failure of courses and may bar me from participation in any future programs. I also understand that I may be subject to further disciplinary, civil and/or criminal action upon my return to the University.

If I lose contact or become detached from the Program or if I am sick or injured, I understand and acknowledge that the Program will contact my emergency contact(s) to make them aware of the situation.  I further understand that it is my responsibility (financially and otherwise) to reconnect with the Program group.

  1. Indemnification, Acknowledgement of my Responsibility and Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge that there are inherent dangers and health risks associated with the Program and travel activities that no amount of care, caution, instruction or expertise can eliminate. 

I fully understand that this Program will expose me to many risks associated with foreign travel and participation in a program abroad, including but not limited to each of the risks outlined in this Agreement. I voluntarily assume responsibility for all risks, known and unknown, related to my participation in the Program, and I am voluntarily participating in reliance upon my own judgment and knowledge of my experience and capabilities. 

I have read and fully understand the above statement of risks, hazards, and stresses to which I will expose myself by participating in the Program.  In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the Program, I hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the University and its trustees, officers, directors, employees, advisors, and agents (including volunteers) (the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, expenses (including attorneys’ fees), claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever, specifically including any claim for negligence or negligent acts, which I now have or which may arise out of or in connection with my  participation in the Program.  I covenant and agree not to commence, aid in any way, prosecute or cause or permit to be commenced or prosecuted against the Released Parties any action or other proceeding, including, without limitation, an arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution procedure, based upon any claim, demand, cause of action, obligation, damage, or liability that is the subject of this agreement. The terms hereof shall serve as a release, indemnification, assumption of risk, and covenant not to sue for me and my heirs, executors, and administrators and for all members of my family. I further agree that, if, despite my agreement to the provisions of this document, anyone on my behalf makes or I make a claim against the Released Parties related to my participation in the Program, I will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from any liabilities which may be incurred as a result of such claim.

I understand and agree that this acknowledgment, hold harmless agreement, release, indemnification and assumption of risk shall be binding on me, my heirs, my assigns, members of my family, my executors and administrators and my personal representatives.

  1. Voluntary Acknowledgement

I represent that my agreement to the provisions herein is wholly voluntary, and further understand that, prior to signing this agreement, I have the right to consult with the advisor, counselor or attorney of my choice.

  1. Interpretation of Agreement

I agree and acknowledge that the laws of North Carolina govern this agreement and that North Carolina shall be the forum for any lawsuit, hearings or adjudications filed under or incident to this agreement or to the program. I further agree that should any provision or aspect of this agreement be found to be unenforceable, all remaining provisions of the agreement shall continue to be valid, enforceable, and binding.I have carefully read, understand and fully agree with this agreement. This agreement represents my complete understanding with the University concerning the University’s or its agents’ responsibility and liability for my participation in the program. This agreement supersedes any previous or contemporaneous understandings I may have had with the University or its agents, whether oral or written. I represent that I am at least eighteen years of age or, if not, that I have secured below the signature of my parent or guardian as well as my own.  An electronic signature on this document shall carry the same force as a physical signature.

Revised 11/20/2023