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Oceania Grade Equivalencies

These guidelines have been developed based on information provided by the partner institutions and by professional credential evaluation organizations. This should be taken as a guide rather than an absolute standard.

RMIT, Monash, Adelaide, Wollongong

AustraliaAustraliaMonash UniversityU.S. Equivalency
High Distinction (HD)85-10080-100A+
Distinction (D)75-8470-79A
Credit (CR) 65-7460-69B
Pass (PA)50-6450-59C
Conceded, Conditional, or Compensatory PassD
Failure (NN)0-490-49F
SUngraded Pass/Credit Only
IncompleteNot Assessed/Incomplete
Grade PendingUngraded Fail/Incomplete
Massey UniversityU.S. Equivalency
A+, A, A-
First Class Pass
B+, B, B-
Second Class Pass
C+, C, C-
Restricted or Compensation PassD
D, E, F, FT
Fail, Low fail, Ungraded fail, Failed terms