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Military, Veterans, & ROTC

Military, Veteran, ROTC, and military-affiliated students often participate in study abroad programs to gain further global experiences. Military, Veteran, and ROTC students are often able to gain new perspectives as they study in a different culture and country. These study abroad experiences can often enhance and compliment the international experience gained through the military.

Things to consider

  • How is the military viewed in my host country? How will that affect my experience as I learn more about the people and the culture of the host country?
  • What unique perspectives and previous global experience can I contribute to my study abroad experiences? What new skills do I want to gain while abroad?
  • What military assistance and benefits can I use towards my study abroad program? Have I talked to the Military & Veteran Office and Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid on how they can be used?
  • What military/work, family and/or home,  responsibilities do I need to take into consideration when choosing a program?
  • How might other parts of my identity in addition to my military affiliation affect my experience abroad?

Additional Resources

We have curated some additional resources that include networks, articles, blogs,  etc. As you explore the impact that your identity will have on your study abroad experience feel free to check out the information below.

Students who are comfortable with exploring their identity here at NC State will be better prepared to engage with the issues raised above. In order to best prepare, you may want to consider working through identity-related questions and topics with resources on campus. Military and Veteran Services is a great place to start.