International Travel Gateway

In 2017, NC State University adopted the Regulation on Student International Travel and Approval of Study Abroad aimed at promoting the well-being and safety of NC State students who engage in international travel. All students engaging in university-affiliated international travel are required to register with the Study Abroad Office. This allows us to support our students in the event of an emergency abroad and to facilitate the purchase of low-cost, comprehensive international health insurance.

All students engaging in university-affiliated international travel are required to log their travel in the Gateway.

CVM Offshore students should register in the Gateway but will not be enrolled in international health insurance.

Faculty and staff should NOT enter travel into the Gateway.

Non-Credit International Travel does not require approval unless students intend to travel to areas defined as Restricted Travel Areas (any location for which the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has issued a Travel Warning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Warning Level 3, or NC State has restricted travel).

Note: Students traveling as part of a university-affiliated group must each register individually.

Please visit:

Log in using your Unity ID and password.

Select your travel dates and add your destination(s). Be sure to indicate at least one specific city per country of your travel itinerary.

Provide emergency contact information, and your reason for NC State-affiliated travel.

Read and sign the liability waiver.

Click Submit.

Once your travel has been registered in the Gateway, the Study Abroad Office will process your GeoBlue Health Insurance enrollment based on the travel dates provided in your itinerary. Unless otherwise indicated, the cost of your insurance will be billed directly to your NC State Student Account.

After your enrollment has been processed, you will receive confirmation emails from GeoBlue and the Study Abroad Office.

Group insurance costs can be processed through an IDT initiated by the Study Abroad Office. If your NC State Department intends to cover the cost of your group’s insurance, please contact the Study Abroad office to provide a roster of anticipated participants as well as your Department’s OUC and Bookkeeper information.

Each student will need to log their travel in the Gateway individually. During the registration process, students will have an opportunity to indicate payment of their insurance cost by an on-campus department.