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International Travel Gateway

Students planning to participate in any non-credit, university-affiliated travel abroad must submit travel itineraries through the International Travel Gateway for University support (REG 02.55.01). Ideally, registration should occur at least 4 weeks prior to departure.

Groups Traveling Internationally

If you are a faculty/staff leader and traveling internationally with a group for non-credit activities, please fill out the link below and email it to

International Gateway Template

  • Once you have completed the template, the Study Abroad Office will be able to batch-import student applications for students to have an application created on their behalf. Then, they will be able to login directly to the system to complete.
  • Questions:

International Travel Support

NC State’s International Travel Gateway provides support services, such as low-cost comprehensive international health insurance and emergency assistance. The International Travel Gateway is for students who travel internationally on University-affiliated non-credit bearing activities such as, but not limited to: conferences, research, honors/scholars groups, service learning and volunteering, internships, student clubs, athletics, and NC State Arts.

  • International Health Insurance: Students are automatically enrolled in the required comprehensive, low-cost international health insurance, which includes telehealth, mental health care, and evacuations for medical reasons, natural disasters, and political unrest. Insurance costs will be billed to each student’s account based on travel dates.
  • Non-Credit Activity: The Gateway is only for non-credit-bearing travel. Students participating in traditional study abroad are automatically registered through their study abroad application and do not need to utilize the Gateway.
  • Personal Travel: Students traveling for personal reasons (such as vacation) should not submit a record in the Gateway.
  • Faculty and staff: should not submit travel through the International Travel Gateway. Faculty/staff should refer to the Controller’s Office Travel Center and may obtain business traveler’s insurance through the Office of Insurance and Risk Management.
  • Departmental Support: If a department or other party wishes to pay the insurance bill on the student’s behalf, they may do so via Third-party Student Sponsorships (GA-1 form). Email with any questions.
  • VISA Appointments: If you need a visa appointment, please plan ahead to make sure you have the insurance documentation that you need. We ask that you inform our office at least two weeks before needing your insurance documentation.

Restricted Travel Areas

In accordance with the Restricted Travel Policy, all students traveling to countries with advisory levels of 3 or 4 with the CDC or U.S. State Department will be required to petition for travel. Entries that require a petition for approval should be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to departure.