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International Travel Gateway

University-affiliated international travel is currently permitted for NC State students, though travel restrictions remain in place for many countries. Students planning to participate in any non-credit, university-affiliated travel abroad must register themselves in the International Travel Gateway for insurance and risk management. If the intended destination for a student is travel-restricted, approval of a petition will be necessary before the student travels abroad. More information is available inside the Travel Gateway application.

How to Log Travel in the International Travel Gateway

  • Please visit:
  • Log in using your Unity ID and password.
  • Select your travel dates and add your destination(s). Provide emergency contact information and state your reason for NC State-affiliated travel. Read and sign the liability waiver. Click Submit.
  • Note: Students traveling as part of a university-affiliated group must each register individually.
  • Email for any questions.

Who Should Use the Gateway?

The International Travel Gateway is open for all NC State students, provided you are participating in an international activity that is related to NC State and does not bear academic credit. This includes both travel with NC State-based groups as well as activities related to your pursuit of a degree at NC State.

  • Students participating in traditional study abroad (which is credit-bearing) are automatically registered through their study abroad application and do not need to utilize the gateway. Study abroad students engaging in independent travel before, during, or after their study abroad program should submit additional itinerary records within their application.
  • CVM Offshore students should register in the Gateway but will not be enrolled in international health insurance.
  • Students traveling for personal reasons (such as vacation) should not submit a record in the Gateway.
  • Faculty and staff should not enter travel in the Gateway and should instead contact their home department to arrange insurance purchases.

International Health Insurance

All student travelers (except CVM Offshores) will be required to purchase international health insurance with the provider contracted by the UNC System. The Study Abroad Office will enroll students in this coverage automatically based on the dates provided in the Gateway and will bill the student account based on those dates. The policy provides low-cost, comprehensive coverage and includes evacuation for medical reasons, natural disasters, and political unrest. See our Insurance Coverage page for details.

 The university has adopted a regulation to provide guidance and support to students who engage in university-affiliated international travel. The primary goal of the regulation is to promote the well-being and safety of students who engage in international travel. The regulation requires students who are engaging in certain types of international travel to register with the Study Abroad Office and obtain resources associated with the travel.

This regulation covers Study Abroad and Non-Credit International Travel. Study Abroad generally means any program or activity outside of the United States and its territories, for which NC State students can earn academic credit while enrolled at NC State. Non-Credit International Travel means any activity affiliated with NC State which is outside the United States and its territories, is carried out by an individual or group, and does not contribute to an academic degree. Travel will be considered “university-affiliated” if a student is participating with NC State faculty, staff, clubs, or student organizations or if this travel contributes to the furthering of that student’s education, even if credit is not awarded. For example, internships or conference participation would be covered.

Students that register are able to obtain low-cost health insurance that is very comprehensive, provides excellent coverage, and is highly accessible while abroad. Additionally, the Study Abroad Office will automatically reach out to registered students to offer emergency assistance if an incident should occur abroad.

No. The Gateway is for university-affiliated travel. If you have questions about whether or not your travel is university-affiliated, please contact the Study Abroad Office.

Faculty and staff who are traveling with students for university-affiliated purposes can be enrolled in insurance, just not through our office. They will need to register with the business and international travel office.

Yes, for risk management purposes all CVM Offshore students should register. However, you should be aware that you will not be enrolled in insurance and will need to seek coverage through your home institution or a private plan.

Study Abroad travel does not require a separate registration in the International Travel Gateway. Student travel itineraries will be tracked within their study abroad application.

Non-credit international travel among students, whether independent or traveling with a University Group or Organization, must be tracked in the International Travel Gateway. Group travel is not registered automatically; each student must register their own travel.

Yes. The UNC system offers a low-cost policy which is required for all students participating in any university-affiliated international travel because it includes not only comprehensive health coverage, but medical evacuation and repatriation, and evacuation for natural disasters and political unrest.

See the insurance page for the most up-to-date rate information.

Possibly. If a department or other party wishes to pay the insurance bill on the student’s behalf, they may do so via Third-party Student Sponsorships. Departments are instructed to use the Sponsored Student Authorization (GA-1) form. Questions about this process should be directed to: Allison Bennett, UCO Sponsored Billing, Tel: (919) 513-4277.

Under limited situations where international students are traveling to their home country, the student may be eligible to waive the UNC system coverage requirement.

Approval will not be required unless you are traveling to a country with an elevated Department of State travel advisory of level 3 or 4.

Students will be required to submit documentation if they are traveling to a country that is level 1 or 2 but contains areas that are level 3 or 4. A student interested in visiting a country with an overall level of 3 will need to petition for approval and may contact Julia Law ( to begin that process. Travel to countries with a level 4 advisory is not permitted.

Student organizations submitting travel petitions must have the endorsement of their advisory. Students who submit a petition that is not approved may request a second review from the Provost or his designee, who will make the final judgment.

Yes. All data is entered into a secure database that requires Unity ID login with Shibboleth Duo Authentication.

Only Study Abroad Staff and other University officials with a legitimate educational interest in the information.

Yes. All records created or maintained associated with international travel and Study Abroad are student education records under FERPA and are provided the privacy and protections associated with the law.

All of this type of information is protected under FERPA. Therefore, disclosures to third parties is only permitted if a student consents to the disclosure or another exception applies. Any requests for access to the data by a third party would have to fall under a FERPA exception prior to the information being released. If the Study Abroad Office is asked for such information, they shall notify the Office of General Counsel who will respond on behalf of the University.