International Internships

  • If the program issues an official transcript (IES, ISA and some others can provide transcripts), students will complete the relevant Non-NC State program application for the Study Abroad Office. As part of this application, students will complete a Course Pre-Approval Form. (PLEASE NOTE: Students participating in programs that offer credit are REQUIRED to complete an application in PackAbroad).
  • If the internship program does not issue credit, students may receive credit by making special arrangements with a faculty member to earn academic credit for an NC State course. Students work directly with their academic advisor/faculty member and submit an Independent Study Abroad application for the term in which their department will be enrolling them in the internship credit course.
  • If you are not able to receive academic credit for your internship, you do not need to complete an application. Instead you must register with the International Travel Gateway.

Students should gather information on multiple programs and opportunities to determine the right fit. Before paying a placement fee, signing a contract, or buying a plane ticket, students should contact organizations and institutions directly with questions about fees, compensation, work expectations, etc. Some questions include the following.

  • What are the consequences (financial or otherwise) if one leaves the program before the time agreed to?
  • What happens if one is not placed in a position or if the placement is not satisfactory?
  • What support services are provided by the organization?

Any reputable organization should provide contact information for past participants to give an unbiased assessment of the program.

Yes, financial aid and scholarships can be used to fund your internship as long as you are earning credits that count towards your degree.

We can sign your forms AFTER your application in PackAbroad has been accepted. Please contact Stephanie Weisfeld who is the advisor for students going on non-NC State programs.

You are not required to meet with an advisor if you are going on a Non-NC State program. If you would like to meet with someone, please complete this advising form.