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International Health Insurance Policy


All students participating in study abroad programs or other university-affiliated international travel are required to be enrolled in the GeoBlue international health insurance policy for the duration of their program. This policy is utilized by the entire UNC System and provides comprehensive, low-cost health insurance coverage (see the International Health Insurance page for current cost).

GeoBlue health insurance only covers students while abroad and during their program dates; therefore, the Study Abroad Office recommends all students remain enrolled in domestic health insurance while studying abroad to ensure coverage before and after program dates. Students are also able to purchase Before and After coverage directly from GeoBlue to cover travel outside of their program dates.

All NC State study abroad program personnel will be enrolled in the GeoBlue international health insurance policy as a part of the University’s risk management practices.


Group Programs

  • International Health Insurance is an included expense in the program cost for all NC State group study abroad programs.
  • The Study Abroad Office will process an Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT) to the campus partner to cover the cost of the insurance in the case of Limited Service and ASB programs.

Students Participating on Exchange, Direct Enroll, Affiliate, and Third-Party Programs

  • Students participating on Exchange, Direct Enroll, Affiliate, and Third-Party programs will be directly billed for the cost of insurance to their student account. Students participating on programs organized by a UNC system affiliate institution will be enrolled and billed by that institution.

Travel Gateway

  • Students that have registered in the International Travel Gateway will have the cost of insurance directly billed to their student account. After students have been billed for international health insurance, campus partners have the option of covering the cost of a student’s insurance using the GA-1 form. For questions about the GA-1 form, please contact the Cashier’s Office.
  • NC State personnel who will accompany students on university-affiliated international travel should carry the same international health insurance coverage as the students. Prior to having students register in the Gateway, group leaders should contact the Study Abroad Office with the full roster of participants and OUC/bookkeeper information.
  • Please allow one to two weeks for Travel Gateway insurance enrollment and processing.