Internships Abroad

An internship abroad can be a wonderful way to improve practical skills, enhance one’s resume, learn about another culture, meet people from many countries and backgrounds, and see another part of the world. Students who are participating on an international internship and receiving academic credit must register with the Study Abroad Office (SAO).

Semester Internship Opportunities
The semester internship opportunities available through the Study Abroad Office typically include the student spending a semester studying at a university, and in addition the host university assists students in obtaining a part-time internship while studying there.

Summer Internship Opportunities
Many outside providers offer both full-time and part-time summer internships for students.

Academic Credit for Internships
Students participating on international internships have two ways to receive academic credit. Contact the SAO with any questions regarding receiving academic credit for an internship abroad.

  • Semester Study + Internship
    • If a student adds on a part-time internship to their semester study abroad program, then generally this credit is already built into the program and only requires the program application to be completed. Check with your Study Abroad Regional Advisor for more information.
  • Non-NC State Program Credit
    • If the program provider issues direct academic credit for the internship via an accredited university and issues an official transcript, students will complete the Non-NC State program application for the Study Abroad Office. Part of this application includes completing a Course Approval Form, which will determine how that credit will transfer and count at NC State.
  • Independent Study Abroad
    • If the internship provider does not issue direct credit for the internship experience, NC State students may be able to receive credit through their academic department. These students are traveling independently (i.e. not with any NC State affiliated group, and not with any other organized study abroad program) and have made special arrangements with a faculty member to earn academic credit for an NC State course. Students work directly with their academic advisor and department to determine credit and enroll in courses. Students also submit an Independent Study Abroad application for the term in which their department will be enrolling them in the internship credit course.

Tips for Internship Searching
Students should gather information on as many different programs and opportunities as possible to determine the right fit. Before paying a placement fee, signing a contract, or buying a plane ticket, students should contact organizations and institutions directly with questions about fees, compensation, work expectations, etc. Questions should include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the consequences (financial or otherwise) if one leaves the program before the time agreed to?
  • What happens if one is not placed in a position or if the placement is not satisfactory?
  • What support services are provided by the organization?

Any reputable organization should also be able to put students in touch with others who have participated and who will be able to give an unbiased assessment of the program.