The Study Abroad Office (SAO) requires all students participating in NC State study abroad programs or other university-affiliated international travel to be enrolled in the HTH (GeoBlue effective August 1, 2017) insurance policy for the duration of their program.  This policy is utilized by the entire UNC System and provides comprehensive, low-cost health insurance coverage.

Please see the Insurance Coverage Policies for program-specific insurance coverage information.

Type of CoverageRate
$1.42/day eff. Aug. 1, 2017
Before & After Coverage$2.95/day
Dependent Coverage$2.95/day

HTH/GeoBlue health insurance only covers students while abroad and during their program dates. Therefore, the Study Abroad Office recommends all students remain enrolled in domestic health insurance while studying abroad to ensure coverage before and after program dates.

Additional Insurance Information: 
HTH Insurance Benefits Brochure (16-17)
GeoBlue Student Member Guide 2017-18
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