Next Steps (Partner Programs)

Welcome to the #PackAbroad! Upon acceptance to your semester program, there are several required next steps to help you prepare for your upcoming experience abroad. Our office has broken these steps into a timeline based on when you should be complete various preparations: Within the First Month of Acceptance, After Pre-Departure Conference, One-Two Weeks Before Departure.

Within the First Month of Acceptance

Students need to login to the study abroad application system, commit to participation in the program, and pay the Study Abroad Fee online.

Students need to login to the study abroad application system to watch the videos.

Connect with other study abroad students and learn useful information about life abroad. Learn more about the Conference here!

Contact your Coordinator for details, if applicable.

PackAbroad Ambassadors, a group of returned study abroad students, are eager to share their experiences with other students. Contact an Ambassador today to learn more about their experience in your future host country or region (

Start thinking about your housing/meal plan arrangements for your program. Depending on your program, you may need to apply for housing. For information on making housing arrangements abroad, please see the Housing section on your program’s brochure page.

If you have a room in Raleigh that you will need to sublease, the NCSU Off Campus Housing Facebook group is a good resource.

If you live on campus, remember to cancel your housing/meal plan after you have received your official acceptance letter from the host institution.

Students who do not already have a passport should apply immediately! Everyone is required to have a passport for international travel. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the end of the study abroad program

Check out our Passport Tips.

After Pre-Departure Conference

A few weeks after the pre-departure conference, all session slides and resources will be provided to students. Be sure to review the password-protected information on the SAO’s website and contact your regional coordinator with any questions you may have.

Students need to login to the study abroad application system to submit post-acceptance materials by the required deadlines. Some materials include a participant agreement, health history, and emergency contact information. Failure to complete these final forms by the deadline may jeopardize participation.

All students receiving aid (except those on Prague programs) must complete the Enrollment Agreement Form. Review the funding section for more information on financial aid.

Each program has a different course registration process. Follow the instructions from your host institution.

If you have signed up for any classes on campus, remember to drop the courses when you receive your official acceptance letter from the host institution.

The Study Abroad Office will enroll you in a placeholder course prior to your program start date. This placeholder course will appear on your NC State schedule for the term you are abroad and must remain for the duration of your study.

Students on exchange programs will be billed for tuition through MyPack like normal. Students going on direct-enroll or non-NC State programs will be billed for tuition by the host institution/program provider.

Students should wait until they have received formal acceptance from the host university and information on orientation details before finalizing flight arrangements.

Though the Study Abroad Office does not endorse any travel agency, here are some agencies students have used in the past to purchase their tickets: Student Universe, Bee Line TravelWorld Travel ServiceMTS Travel.

Students are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing trip cancellation/interruption insurance when purchasing their airfare; compare coverages through sites such as or Please note: standard travel insurance is no longer covering cancellations due to COVID-19. As such, students should consider adding Cancel For Any Reason Insurance during the 2019-2020 outbreak.

One-Two Weeks Before Departure

  • Inform bank/credit card of travel dates
  • Look in to options for cell phone plan while abroad. Make arrangements with your US provider, or look in to purchasing a SIM card(if your phone is unlocked), or pay-as-you-go phone in the host country.
  • Set up Power of attorney
  • Make copies of important documents
  • Add alternative email in PackAbroad
  • Update itinerary in PackAbroad

Check out our pre-departure checklist. You can find all kinds of packing advice online, such as: GoOverseas, IES Abroad, and CEA Study Abroad.

  • Review arrival details from host institution and determine if you need to make arrangements to get to your housing from the airport.
  • Take out some cash in the local currency at the ATM in the airport when you arrive.
  • Create communication plan with your family and friends. Let them know when you have arrived.

  • Create a blog
  • Tag us in your posts on Instagram (@ncstatestudyabroad, #PackAbroad)