First in the Pack

As a first generation college student you may be focusing on what it takes to be successful and graduate. Studying Abroad may not have even crossed your mind and may not have been a part of your initial plan. However, studying abroad has so many benefits that often help you not only reach your goal of graduation but will make you a stronger candidate as you begin your career.

Things to consider

  • Have I spoken to a study abroad advisor, my academic advisor and someone in financial aid to learn what my options are?
  • Have a talked to any of my peers about their study abroad experiences?
  • Have I talked to my support system of families and/or friends about my plans to study abroad?
  • Have I inquired about financial resources, scholarships and grants?
  • Will the financial cost of a program influence the options that you consider?
  • How will I budget for my study abroad experience?
  • Is the cost of living higher or lower at my host institution and host culture?


Additional Resources

We have curated some additional resources that include networks, articles, blogs, etc. As you explore the impact that your identity will have on your study abroad experience feel free to check out the information below.

Students who are comfortable with exploring their identity here at NC State will be better prepared to engage with the issues raised above. In order to best prepare, you may want to consider working through identity-related questions and topics with resources on campus. The TRIO Office is a great place to start.

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