Mobility & Accessibility

Students who need disability access can study abroad. If you need disability access and/or accommodations and are planning to study abroad, we encourage you to contact both the Study Abroad Office and the Disability Resource Office. Schedule meetings with an advisor or access consultants soon as possible for assistance and advice about participation on a study abroad program. Though accessibility and accommodations for people with disabilities vary from country to country, many accommodations can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, especially if those accommodations are disclosed early in the process.

Things to consider

  • What are the perceptions of people with disabilities and mental health conditions in the host culture?
  • Am I comfortable disclosing/ discussing my disability or mental health access needs?
  • What challenges might I face during the entire study abroad process? How will I prepare and overcome them?
  • What resources and accommodations do I need for my courses and in my living space?
  • Does the location and culture of the study abroad program that I am considering provide the resources and support that I need?

Students’ health conditions and/or disability are not factored into the application decision process. However it is important during the application phase of the process to think about and discuss what access and accommodations may be needed to find the best fit.

Additional Resources

We have curated some additional resources that include networks, articles, blogs,  etc. As you explore the impact that your identity will have on your study abroad experience feel free to check out the information below.

Students who are comfortable with exploring their identity here at NC State will be better prepared to engage with the issues raised above. In order to best prepare, you may want to consider working through identity-related questions and topics with resources on campus. The Disability Resource Office and the Counseling Center are great place to start.

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