International Students Participating on Programs Abroad

As an international degree seeking student you are already studying abroad here at NC State. However, you may still want to study abroad in another country while earning your degree. We highly encourage you to do so. There are many programs that you can participate in. Being of a different nationality and visa status may impact where you study abroad and the documentation you need to study in your host institution. Thus it is important to begin the process early and work with our office and the Office in International Services. Your success in studying here in the United States as an international student give you a unique perspective. Studying abroad yet again will further enhance your cultural understanding and cross cultural communication.

Things to consider

  • What is the relationship between your home country and your host country?
  • Have you researched the visa requirements between your home country and your host country?
  • Have you contacted the Office of International Students to let them know about your plans to study abroad? Have you discussed any requirements that need to be done to stay in compliance with your student visa?
  • What immigration documents do I need to carry with me?

Additional Resources

We have curated some additional resources that include networks, articles, blogs,  etc. As you explore the impact that your identity will have on your study abroad experience feel free to check out the information below.

Students who are comfortable with exploring their identity here at NC State will be better prepared to engage with the issues raised above. In order to best prepare, you may want to consider working through identity-related questions and topics with resources on campus. The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is a great place to start.

The Office of International Services Affairs offers additional support for students of diverse backgrounds.

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