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Credit Abroad

  • most group programs offer NC State courses (e.g., NC State Prague, spring break, winter break and summer programs)
  • some programs provide pre-approved transfer credit, which typically do not require a course pre-approval form
  • participation fulfills the Global Knowledge GEP co-requisite
  • provide transfer credits and require course pre-approval form (see below, Transfer Credit Step by Step)
  • participation fulfills the Global Knowledge GEP co-requisite
  • provide transfer credits and require a course pre-approval form (see below, Transfer Credit Step by Step)
  • coursework completed on programs providing a transcript from an international institution fulfill the Global Knowledge co-requisite, but students must work with their academic advisor or College Coordinator to have the course listed appropriately in the degree audit
  • coursework completed on programs providing a transcript from a U.S. higher education institution must be approved by the College Coordinator to ensure that the experience fulfills the Global Knowledge GEP objectives

Transfer Credit, Step by Step

Students enrolling in another institution by exchange or direct enroll will receive transfer credits.

  • Undergraduate students must receive the equivalent of a C- or better. Graduate students must receive the equivalent of a B or better according to the Graduate School’s policy for transfer credits.
  • Courses cannot be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.
  • Credit accepted for transfer from another institution is shown only as credit hours and is not included in the computation of the grade point average.
  • Students complete a Course Pre-Approval Form in order to:
    1. outline NC State course equivalencies
    2. determine how courses will fulfill degree requirements and fit into the degree audit
  • Students may enroll in on-campus courses as a backup to their study abroad experience until they receive an official acceptance letter from the host institution. Students should drop any on-campus backup courses upon formal acceptance to the program and well in advance of the term’s census date.
  • The Study Abroad Office will enroll students in an SAO 300 or SAO 310 course placeholder to maintain their enrollment at NC State and to reflect their study abroad experience.  Students should not drop this placeholder class or complete a university withdrawal while studying abroad.
  • After you arrive on-site, if you need to get additional courses approved, please complete the following steps:
    • Email your Department and College Approvers with a description of the new course or syllabus
    • Confirm which degree requirement(s) the new course(s) will fulfill
    • Forward the email to your Study Abroad Advisor, who will attach the new approvals to your original course approval form
  • Students ensure that the host university will send an official transcript to the Study Abroad Office at the end of the program
  • Students should ensure that the host university will send an official transcript to the Study Abroad Office at the end of the program. Electronic transcripts can be sent to
  • Study Abroad receives the international transcripts and forwards the transcripts to the College Coordinator for each students’ first major, along with the course approval forms
    1. Study Abroad uploads the international transcript to the student’s document center in myPack
    2. Students submit a syllabus or equivalent to the appropriate college coordinator (along with any relevant email correspondence completed while abroad regarding the NC State equivalency) for any courses not previously approved on the course approval form
  • The College Coordinator submits transfer credit information to Registration and Records to enter completed coursework on each students’ NC State transcript
  • Students meet with their academic advisor or department undergraduate coordinator to ensure that courses are applied appropriately to the degree audit

NC State Group Programs:

  • NC State Prague Semester: Students studying at NC State Prague can return to campus for graduation within that term if all degree requirements have been met and approved by the department and college.
  • NC State Group Summer (Prague and all other summer group programs): Students can study on summer programs in the summer immediately following graduation as non-degree students through continuing education.

Transfer Credits:

  • Students interested in all other programs should plan to study abroad prior to their final semester. Graduation within the same term is likely not possible – it can take a few months to receive official transcripts from international partners.
  • NC State accepts official electronic transcripts at directly from the host institution, which may expedite this process.
  • Students at the end of their degree plans should work closely with their academic advisor and Departmental Coordinator of Advising to discuss their plans for study abroad, graduation, and residency requirements at the time of application and prior to departure. In the interim between program completion and official graduation, it may be possible for a student’s College to provide a letter for employers or graduate programs indicating that the student has fulfilled appropriate degree requirements abroad and the official receipt of the diploma is forthcoming.

NC State Study Abroad works to facilitate the transfer credit process. How courses fulfill degree requirements is under the purview of each academic unit and transfer credit processing is under the purview of Registration and Records. If students have not received the transfer credits to their NC State transcript within three weeks after receiving the international transcript, they should follow up with their College Coordinator and the Study Abroad Office.

Watch now to learn more about study abroad course approval process.