Incoming exchange students have several options for on-campus housing. Please review the Housing Application Guide.

Global Village
Global Village (GV) is a living and learning housing option at NC state that is devoted to introducing international students to American culture, exposing American students to other cultures, and making the entire community aware of global issues.  Global Village consists of two on-campus residence halls, Alexander Hall. Each hall strives to maintain a balance of 50% international and 50% U.S. students. The U.S. students must submit a special application to live in GV and many of them are former participants in overseas exchange programs. In each residence hall of Global Village, there are many social and cultural activities with an international theme, and most students find living there to be a very enjoyable part of their experience at NC State.

Please note:

  • Spaces are limited in Global Village, so please make sure to apply as soon as possible.
  • Global Village is closed during breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring). Students living in Global Village will need to vacate their rooms during the breaks. Most students use these times to travel. Students who need to stay in the Raleigh area during the breaks should look for accommodations at local hotels.

More information on Global Village, including application instructions, can be found on University Housing’s website.

Other NC State housing options
Exchange students also have the option to live in the on-campus Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge apartments, which are typically more appealing for graduate and older students.

Students who do not wish to live on-campus will be responsible for making their own off-campus housing arrangements.


Please see University Housing Cost Information for information about costs associated with living on-campus.

Students who are housed outside of one of the Villages or on-campus apartments will be required to pay an early-check in fee. Please keep this in mind as you make your selection.