Study Abroad Credits and Transfer Credits

NC State students receive transfer credits for study abroad exchange, direct enroll, and non-NC State programs. This process is outlined below. Students studying on most group programs, including most summer programs with NC State faculty, will receive NC State credits and grades for study abroad courses, so these steps are not necessary.

Prior to Departure

  1. Students complete the Course-Approval Form with the academic unit(s) to:
    1. outline NC State course equivalencies, and
    2. determine how courses will fulfill degree requirements and fit into the degree audit.

Note: the signed course approval form will be uploaded to each student’s NC State study abroad application page.

While Abroad

  1. Students must request approval from the relevant academic department and college for any courses not previously approved on the course approval form (completed course approval forms are uploaded to each student’s NC State study abroad application page).
  2. Submit the enrollment verification form.
  3. Ensure that the host university will send an official transcript to the Study Abroad Office at the end of the program.

Note: in order to receive transfer credits at NC State, undergraduate students must receive the equivalent of a C- or better.  Courses cannot be taken pass/fail.

Upon Return

  1. The Study Abroad Office will let students know when their transcript has arrived.
    1. The Study Abroad Office will forward the transcript to the College Coordinator for the students first major, along with the course approval form.
  2. Students will need to submit a syllabus or equivalent to the appropriate college coordinator (along with any relevant email correspondence completed while abroad regarding the NC State equivalency) for any courses not previously approved on the course approval form.
    1. The College Coordinator will work with University Admissions to enter completed course work on each student’s NC State transcript (via the Advanced Standing Certificate).
  3. Students will need to meet with their academic advisor and department to ensure that transfer courses are applied appropriately to the degree audit through course substitutions, if necessary.

Transfer credits and how courses fulfill degree requirements are under the purview of each relevant academic unit. The Study Abroad Office works to facilitate the process, but decisions are made by the academic units.  The process for courses to appear on a students transcript may take up to four months from the end of the program. If courses have not been previously approved by the academic unit, the transfer credit process may take longer.