Study Abroad for Animal Science


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NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Denmark: University of Copenhagen

Ecuador/Galapagos: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

New Zealand: Massey University – ISEP

South Africa: University of Cape Town

Taiwan: National Taiwan University

Tanzania: School for Field Studies

United Kingdom: Harper Adams University

United Kingdom: University of Surrey


Ireland: Equine Industry (Summer)
Travel through Ireland to visit several equine facilities and learn about the racing industry firsthand. Participate in seminars and lectures at the University of Limerick’s International Equine Institute. This program runs every other year on odd years. Credit: ANS 291.

Ireland/United Kingdom: Global Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture (Spring Break/Maymester)
Explore a diverse selection of farms, crop production, environmental research centers, and cultural heritage sites including the Tower of London, Stonehenge, and many more. Credit: ALS 494 or AGI 194.

Mexico: Sustainability in Emerging Countries (Summer)
Experience and understand the diversity of food production in Oaxaca, Mexico, while interacting with local scientists, farmers and students. Credit: HS 495.

Namibia: African Ecology & Conservation (Summer)
Study wildlife management with field biologists amongst the spectacular desert landscape.Students participate in field excursions, small group investigations, and discussions with conservationists. Credits: 4 credits for FW465.

Nicaragua: Tropical Wildlife (Spring Break)
Focused around human influences on tropical forest ecosystems, visit coffee plantations, nature serves, and the permanent bird banding station while being immersed in Nicaraguan historical cultural and language experiences. Credit: FW 405/595.

Poland: Biotechnology & Agriculture (Summer)
Learn about agriculture, animal science, and biotechnology through excursions and site visits. Excursions and field trips to sites and cities in Poland are included. Credit: Up to 6 credits, options include ALS 495, BIT 466 and/or BCH 220.

South Africa: Wildlife Management & Conservation (Summer)
A hands-on opportunity to work with endangered wildlife like rhinos, sables, African elephants and lions as well as other species. Gain veterinary experience outside of the US and learn about dart assembly, tranquilization, radio telemetry and other wildlife techniques utilized in species conservation. Credit: ANS 495.