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Health & Safety

Students’ health, safety, and wellbeing are the top priorities of the Study Abroad Office. The Study Abroad Office recognizes that family members and others share this priority and has numerous resources and tools in place to appropriately guide and support students in both their preparations for their term abroad and once they have arrived in-country.

Consider asking your student

  • Have you scheduled an appointment with the NC State Travel Clinic to obtain any required vaccinations and discuss overseas medication availability or equivalences?
  • What are the recommendations for travelers for your specific location from the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control?
  • What are some of the identity-specific health and safety considerations (such as gender, sexuality, religion, etc.) for your location of study?
  • In the event of an emergency abroad, do you know how to contact local police or other first responders?
  • Did you know GeoBlue, NC State’s international health insurance provider, can connect you with an English-speaking mental health counselor or therapist, if needed?

These sample questions are excellent ways to encourage your student to proactively consider their overall health and wellness while abroad. As families and support systems, feel free to explore the curated resources below to learn more about student health and safety. If your student has a question regarding this information, encourage them to contact their study abroad advisor directly.

For questions or concerns regarding studying abroad and COVID-19, please consult our COVID-19 updates and FAQs page.

Learn more about the resources and policies helping shape NC State’s decisions and processes regarding student health and safety abroad.

All study abroad students are required to be enrolled in GeoBlue international health insurance per UNC System policy. Students are automatically enrolled prior to their term abroad, and, if needed, students may provide designated access to their GeoBlue member portal/profile to family members.

NC State offers a Travel Clinic through Student Health Services, which pre-departure study abroad students are encouraged to utilize, if needed. The Travel Clinic provides comprehensive and personalized recommendations, medications and vaccinations based upon students’ destinations and your itineraries.

In addition to our required in-person pre-departure orientations and online video modules for students, the Study Abroad Office recommends students familiarize themselves with several health and safety resources well prior to beginning their term abroad.

In the event of an emergency abroad, the Study Abroad Office is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist students. The smartphone app which all students are required to download prior to departure, AlertTraveler, can also connect students to local emergency services and the Study Abroad Office if needed.