Virtual Global Internships

While continuing with NC State semester studies and at a low cost, virtual global internships are a valuable tool to help develop professional work skills and cultural competence.


  • Build global connections for future work or study. Participants will grow their professional network, expand options for future work opportunities, and increase their network going into the job market. 
  • Build your resume. Working remotely requires students to plan their time well, commit to tasks, and to manage communication with colleagues in another time zone and with another work culture. Plus, more companies are expanding their employees’ remote work options to increase effectiveness and efficiencies. Participants will be prepared for the future market place.
  • Earn academic credit. Interested students should talk to their undergraduate coordinator of advising to see how these courses might meet degree requirements or to fulfill the global knowledge co-requisite. (The Study Abroad Office will help with this process through a course pre-approval form.)
  • A cost-effective way to gain international experience. While there is a program fee for the services and support, students do not have the added costs of travel, housing, or in-country commuting. 
  • Safety and Flexibility. Working from home means students do not have to consider health concerns associated with travel. Plus, remote work provides added flexibility, allowing participants to work around class schedules, other jobs, and family or personal obligations.
  • Develop cultural understanding and become globally engaged. NC State’s affiliate programs emphasize intercultural exchange and increased cultural competence through webinars, lunch and learns, community connections and more.

Virtual Internship Opportunities