Program Travel Logistics

Many faculty directors opt to identify a group flight for the program, where the FD arranges and reserves a flight through an agency and the students make payments directly to the travel agent.  (The Study Abroad Office does not permit group flights where the cost is incorporated into the program cost due in part to cost fluctuations and enrollment changes, and logistical challenges.) Other program directors prefer students arrange their own flights. Please consider the pros and cons of having an arranged flight.


  • The majority of students will arrive at same time on same flight
  • Ensures students are present at the beginning of the program
  • May be perceived as a more optimal option for students traveling for the first time and/or nervous parents
  • Faculty Directors can avoid the need to keep track of students’ arrival and departure schedules on an individual basis


  • Some travel agents will not make these types of arrangements
  • Could be problematic for students who are waiting on financial aid funds to pay for the flight

Travel Agencies

There are a number of outside agencies and organizations that can be helpful with transportation arrangements. The organizations listed below specialize in student and academic travel and are accustomed to working with study abroad program budgets:

Please note that if a faculty director chooses to include personal travel with the program airfare and a change becomes necessary, the program will only be able to reimburse the faculty director for the program portion of the changes. This can become problematic if a faculty director chooses to use a combination of fee-based fares combined with frequent flyer miles.

If a faculty director wishes to purchase an upgrade to their regular coach fare, please consult the Study Abroad Office prior to purchase.

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