IMPORTANT: Before arriving to campus, please take the time to thoroughly read through the Community Standards regarding COVID-19.

Review COVID-19 Details for NC State

Airport Welcome

On arrival day, volunteers will be at Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU) to greet exchange students and help them find their way to the NC State campus.

Getting to NC State

Once you arrive at RDU, you should plan to take a taxi or shuttle to NC State University. A taxi from the airport to the university will cost around $35. A shared shuttle may be less expensive. Many students also choose to use Uber or Lyft. Your taxi or uber can take you directly to your housing check-in location. The green 100 Raleigh-Airport-RTC GoTriangle bus will take you to the NC State Campus but will not drop you off directly in front of your residence hall or apartment. For information about taxis and shuttles, visit the RDU airport website.

If you arrive before the scheduled arrival date, you will need to make arrangements to stay elsewhere until your housing is available.

Once you have arrived, please make sure to call your family and friends back home to let them know you have arrived safely!