Study Abroad for Textiles


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Australia: RMIT University

Australia: University of the Sunshine Coast

NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

China: Donghua University Fashion Institute

Czech Republic: NC State Prague

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

NC State in Italy: Semester at Lorenzo de Medici Institute (LdM)

United Kingdom: Manchester Metropolitan University

United Kingdom: University of Leeds

United Kingdom: University of Manchester


Mexico: Doing Business Internationally (Spring Break)
Travel with a business delegation from NC as part of the Export Ready Program to participate in a Trade Mission to Mexico.Credit: TTM 591 or FTM 499. *Note: Location rotating

Germany: Accounting, Finance, & the EU (Summer)
Explore one of the world’s most prominent economies and explore its role within European and global contexts. Credit: ACC 210, BUS 320, EC 495.

Hong Kong: Global Textile & Apparel Industry (Summer)
Expand understanding of the breadth of the textile, apparel and soft goods industries while understanding the interrelationships among key components such as design, and international aspects. Credit: FTM 491.