Study Abroad for Spanish


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Argentina: ISA: Buenos Aires

Chile: Universidad Adelfo Ibanez

Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Spain: Semester in Spain (Santander)

Spain: Universidad del Pais Vasco (Basque County)

Spain: Universidad Politecnica de Valencia


Peru: Spanish Language and Peruvian Culture
Learn about the modern Latin American society and culture, with a focus on Peru. Have the opportunity to hike the Andes, visit Indian markets, ride horses to several Inca sites, learn about traditional weaving from a local community. Credit: 6 credits in Spanish for major or minor requirements. Prerequisite: FLS 202 or equivalent.

Spain: Language, Technology, and Culture in Segovia
Utilize Segovia to explore Spanish language, technology and culture through classes, excursion to aqueduct and textiles factories, and home stays. Prerequisite: FLS 201 or equivalent. Credit: FLS 212, FLS 295/395.

Spain: Language and Culture in Valencia
Study intensive language and culture while living with a local family. The program includes many guided visits in the Valencia area and optional weekend trips and workshops. Prerequisite: FLS 202 or equivalent. Credit: Up to 6 credits in FLS 331/332, FLS 395.

Spain: Marketing and Language in Sevilla
Discover the Spanish Language, culture, and European marketing practices through visits to numerous cultural and unique business sites. Prerequisite: FLS 102 or equivalent. Credits: BUS 360, M 298, and FLS 201 or 202.