Study Abroad for Social Work


Guatemala: Social Work (Summer)

Students explore Guatemalan culture through clinic/
hospital placements, service-learning projects, and
Spanish lessons on this well-established, 7 week

Ghana: Culture + Community + Design (Summer)

All students will participate in
the Ghanaian Culture and Society Workshop, delivered
jointly by NC State faculty and Ghanaian colleagues and
a Community Development course. *Ghana to be offered
again in Summer 2016

Thailand Ethnographic Field School (Summer)

Participants study Thai culture, society and significant
regional Southeast Asian social issues while learning to
conduct ethnographic research in the field.

United Kingdom: London (Summer)

This five week program is a great way to fulfill six general
education course requirements, while making London
the classroom through excursions and guest lectures.
Course options fulfill humanities, social sciences, natural
sciences, visual and performing arts, and/or US diversity
requirement depending on selections.



Dominican Republic Outreach (Spring Break)

Through a partnership with Outreach360, student
volunteers work with orphaned, abandoned, and
disadvantaged children.

Philippines: Social Work (Winter Break)

Led by NC State Department of Social Work faculty
member, Dr. Marcie Fisher-Borne.

Ecuador Global Health (Spring Break)

Guatemala Gender or Health Issues (Spring Break)


Monash University, AustraliaSocialWorkMap copy

Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica

University of Helsinki, Finland

University of Cape Town, South Africa

University of Leeds, United Kingdom