Study Abroad for Forestry & Environmental Resources


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Australia: University of Wollongong

Denmark: University of Copenhagen

Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Ghana: University of Ghana

Japan: Nagoya University

New Zealand: Massey University

South Africa: University of Cape Town

Sweden: Lund University

United Kingdom: University of Leeds


Australia or New Zealand: Sustaining Culture & Environment (Summer)
Discover natural history of parks, beaches & fjords with a focus on natural resources, protected areas, and sustainability. Reflect on challenges of protecting and conserving fragile environments while sustaining human societies. Credit: PRT 449, PRT 450.

Bahamas: Biological Sciences on Andros Island (Summer)
Explore the biodiversity of the Bahamas while learning the science and policy of conservation biology through research. Credit: BIO 495 & FW 495.

Costa Rica: Natural Resources of Costa Rica (Spring Break)
Experience tropical rainforests and cloud forests. Discuss natural resource conservation with scientists, naturalists, and the leadership of the Technological University of Costa Rica. Credit: NR 491.

Namibia: Ecology & Conservation (Summer)
Study wildlife management with field biologists amongst the spectacular desert landscape. Participate in field excursions, small group investigations, and discussions with conservationists. Credit: 4 credits for FW465.

Nicaragua: Tropical Wildlife (Spring Break)
Focused around human influences on tropical forest ecosystems, visit coffee plantations, nature serves, and the permanent bird banding station while being immersed in Nicaraguan historical cultural and language experiences. Credit: FW 405/595.

Sweden/Canada: Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in British Columbia (Summer)
This Forestry program will focus on a wide range of topics such as timber management, energy (wood, solar, wind, oil, gas), municipal waste management, and much more. Credit: NR 350.