Study Abroad for Paper Science Engineering & Sustainable Materials Technology


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NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Finland: Jyvaskyla University of Applied Science

Finland: Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences

South Africa: Stellenbosch University

Poland: STEM Semester

United Kingdom: University of Manchester



China: Engineering, STS, and International Relations
Experience China, a growing economic and political player on the world stage. Credits: MAE 214, STS Geographies of Energy, PS 231 International Relations, or Chinese Language.

Dominican Republic: Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Learn about native habitats, ornamentals, tropical crops, and turf grass practices in the Dominican Republic. Students will gain an international perspective from local businesses. Credit: CS/SSC 492, ALS 494.

Namibia: Ecology and Conservation
Study wildlife management with field biologists amongst the desert landscape. Participate in field excursions and discussions with conversationalists. Credit: 4 credits foe FW 465.

Sweden/Canada: Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (Summer)
This Forestry program will focus on a wide range of topics such as timber management, energy (wood, solar, wind, oil, gas), municipal waste management, and much more. Credit: NR 350.

Various Locations: Paper International Experience
For third and fourth year students. Study the pulp and paper industry abroad by visiting modern manufacturing facilities and experience another culture. Credit: PSE 295.