Study Abroad for Agricultural Business

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Australia: University of Adelaide

Denmark: University of Copenhagen

Ghana: University of Ghana – ISEP

Italy: Lorenzo de Medici

New Zealand: Massey University – ISEP

Poland: Global STEM Program

Scotland: University of Dundee

United Kingdom: Harper Adams University

United Kingdom: University of Leeds


Argentina: International Marketing in Buenos Aires
Students explore how business differs within the South American context while gaining
deeper knowledge of international marketing in the region. Credit: BUS 464, M298

Czech Republic: NC State Prague
NC State Prague offers a chance to spend time in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Many courses fulfill GEP requirements: Humanities, IDP, & Natural Sciences.

Dominican Republic: Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (Summer)
Gain hands-on-learning experience with environmental science and participate in a local conference related to turfgrass science. Credit: CS/SSC 492, CS 590, AGI 194

Germany: Accounting and Finance in Reutlingen
Germany is an ideal location for students interested in studying business on a global scale. Credit: ACC 200, M298

Ireland/Scotland: Global Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture (Spring Break)
Expand understanding of agriculture practices. Interact with local farmers and business owners, as well as faculty of University College of Dublin. Runs every other year on odd. Credit: ALS 494/AGI 194.

Italy: Ethics and Law
Students will focus on the role of ethics & law in international business while studying in Northern Italy. Learn from leading scholars and business men & women regarding ethics and law. Credit: MIE 305, MIE 306, M 298

Italy: International Agribusiness
Learn about international agribusiness, agrimarketing, agricultural education, and agricultural research. Visit sites in Italy including Piacenza, Rome, Vernazzo and Venice. Credit: ARE 494

Poland: Biotechnology (Summer)
Learn about agriculture, animal science, and biotechnology through excursions and site visits. Excursions and field trips to sites and cities in Poland are included. Credit: Up to 6 credits, options include ALS 495, BIT 466, BCH 220.

Spain: Marketing and Language in Sevilla
Live in the relaxed Southern Spanish city of Sevilla and visit local olive oil and winery companies, as well as recent start-up companies. Hone your Spanish skills with your homestay families. Credit: BUS 360, FLS 201/202, M 298.